Disco Kids / Lullaby Renditions

Dj Fiësto - Disco Kids - take one - Recyclart 25.02.07

01. cassetteboy_aki onda_req_björk
02. alva noto + ryuichi sakamoto_aphex twin_ovuca
03. boards of canada_nobukazu takemura
04. jonathan richman & the modern lovers_chris clark_m.i.a._diplo_pp roy_candiehank


Michael Armstrong - Lullaby Renditions of the Beatles (2007)


Trap-A-Roach / Electroshock

For all you belgian bloggers out there, this thursday at Café Central, there's the monthly Trap-A-Roach-party at Café Cental... come and shake your bootay while you get electroshocked and photographed by Julie Guiches..
Scroll down for dj-sets of Lowdjo and RoachBugInCan..

Here's a great live-set of Harry Poppins on the Altitude 1000 festival in 2006, for them who haven't heard of him before... one of Brussels' upcoming talents, soon to conquer the world with his own label..

Harry Poppins @ Altitude 1000 - Brussels - 2006

more info on the festival, here.


VolleZeleTronix 06.10.07 - live sets

Yes, it's been quite a while since we posted the information about the first edition of VolleZeleTronix, a brand new electronic music festival in the oh so quiet Flanders.

We finally got our hands on some of the artists-sets, unfortunately no tracklistings for these...

RoachBugInCan/Harry Poppins/Lowdjo ..going back to back at the opening of the festival
->shifting the tempo up and down, exploring breakcore, jungle, balkan music, electronics, dubstep, arabic music and even some Johnny Cash in the end..


-> loads of aciiiiiiiiiiiid, breakbeat...


Lazarus Beast
-> electroclashy, even some horrible plans of Flex Busterman in tha mix!!


-> braindance, electronics, breakcore and more..


-> in true drunkenstyle... heavy, heavy, heavy... about 45 minutes of Lowdjo's dark fun.. we don't have any idea of who was playing the last 17 minutes of this set.. and Lowdjo already passed out by then so he has no memory of what happened.. :-))



PeaceSquareStyleMix by Lowdjo


vincent gallo - was
necro - who's ya daddy?
bruza ft. dido - no one but u
burnt friedman - i go with you
amon tobin - cat people
django reinhardt - brazil
chris clark - slow spines
henri mancini & his orchestra - the party (vocal)
jay-z & dj dangermouse - 99 problems
the slits - difficult fun
candiehank - sunshine reggae
the sabres of paradise - wilmot (red snapper mx)
gonzales / paul pm (lost treasures) - this one jam
dj mink - hey hey can u relate (luke vibert mx)
ttc - dans le club
beans - down by law
lady sovereign - cha ching cheque (12" rmx)
plasticman - shox wave (dub)
dj maxximus - rms
flex busterman - fight the guards

through divshare, .. grab


Porn Sword Tobacco - Porn Sword Tobacco (2004)

We're very excited about the download count lately, but we would love to hear the voice of our public, so post somethin'!

Since our recent start we have a new 'most popular' download here on the blog and we're happy to announce that it's one of our alltime favourite electronic artists, called Porn Sword Tobacco, here's the self-titled debut album..



Jean-Jacques Perrey & Luke Vibert

A double post today.. first of all mister moog himself, Jean-Jacques Perrey with 'Moog Sensations' (2001)


The second one, Jean-Jacques Perrey together with Luke Vibert with their 'reworked' version called 'Moog Acid' (2007)



Alec Empire - The Golden Foretaste Of Heaven (2008)

Alec Empire's new album is leaking all over blogworld, so we thought to join the hype since we always loved AE, especially the older DHR-stuff. Unfortunately this record sounds much more electronic, less heavy as what we are used to from this Berlin pioneer... anyways, give it a listen...



Oneida - Happy New Year (2006)

it's kinda late but anyways, a happy new year to all you bloggers/visitors!! Since we're late, we're posting a record of last year also.. to be really, really late..

everybody's been making top ten lists for the end of the year, but on the LD blog we only have one record to celebrate, next to all the partymixez of course (that are still online and ready to download straight onto your ipod!!!)..

this is truly the best record of 2006, 2007,the last week, day, hour...

yes, Oneida... one of the best live bands around these days... formed in 1997.

grab, click and listen..