Primitive Moments

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Another comp of heavy garage punk and psych 45s. Yours, DJ Bylamplight

1. The Music Machine -- The Eagle Never Hunts The Fly
2. The Sonics -- The Witch
3. Crow -- Cottage Cheese
4. The Five Sounds -- Loadin' Coal
5. The Trolls -- Every Day And Every Night
6. The Five Emprees -- Hey Baby
7. Clefs of Lavender Hill -- So I'll Try
8. Clefs of Lavender Hill -- One More Time
9. Roger Booth and the Escorts -- Space Walk
10. The Music Machine -- I've Loved You
11. The Smoke -- My Mama
12. Fenways -- A-Go-Go
13. The Willies -- The Willy
14. The Five Emprees -- Why
15. Majic Ship -- Green Plant
16. The Sixpentz -- Don't Say You're Sorry
17. Lt. Garcia's Magic Music Box -- Latin Shake
18. The Ponees -- Move It, Groove It
19. The Willies -- Say You're Mine Again
20. The Trolls -- Are You The One?
21. B. J. Keller & The Thymes -- South Dakota
22. The Ponees -- Here's The Place

Photo by Joel Zimmer


May mix by Lowdjo

Tracklisting (1h21m):

the sopranos uncensored
harmonic 313 ft. phat kat & elzhi - battlestar
kano - paper
ishq bector (dakku daddy) ft. raina singh - teriyan judalyan
other weapons ft. juakali - badder better
77klash ft. matt shadetek - pressure
killa queenz - bitches (south rakkas crew rmx)
major lazer - hold the line (unsexxy caloron forever rmx)
ghislain poirier ft. face t - blazin' (modeselektor rmx)
th'mole ft. warrior queen - jump jack (mochipet rmx)
distance - night vision (skreamix)
snoop dogg ft. tanvi shah - snoop dogg millionaire (dirty final)
anti-serum / babylon system - california style
magnetic man - the cyberman
dizzee rascal - pussyole (radioclit / schlachthofbronx rmx)
maderia limpia - la lenta (schlachthofbronx rmx)
buraka som sistema - deeejay
d1 - risin'
dz & loetech - issues
moves!!! - all skate
a1 bassline vs rusko - cockney house
damaged goods - yo righteous (a1 bassline rmx)
mikix the cat - wuz
schlachthofbronx - bretto
16bit - m dot mosley
zomby - strange fruit

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Godzilla vs. Ralph Records

I stumbled upon a collection of LPs from San Francisco based label Ralph Records, mostly recorded in the 80s and now out of print. They blew my mind. The record dealer claimed that he got them directly from the keyboardist of weirdo experimentalist band, The Residents. I put together a few tracks here that did excessive neuron damage to my brain. It's just a snippet of the later Ralph catalog but it reminds us that 1) electronic music is funky, 2) the 80s weren't as bad as everyone thinks, 3) triple pitch shift harmonics sound really nice, and 4) San Francisco is a freaky little town.

Ralph Records is still around today but I haven't caught up with what's getting released. Looks like a lot of live albums.

Yours, DJ Bylamplight

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1. Yello -- Bimbo
2. Snakefinger -- There's No Justice In Life
3. Tuxedomoon -- 59 to 1
4. The Residents -- I'll Go Crazy
5. Renaldo & The Loaf -- The Elbow is Taboo
6. Michael Perilstein -- Tess, I part as AI, Liz do go to Godzilla's; a trap is set.
7. Renaldo & The Loaf -- Hambu Hodo
8. Renaldo & The Loaf -- Extracting The Re-Re
9. Renaldo & The Loaf -- Critical/Dance
10. The Residents -- I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
11. Psycho Acoustic Sounds -- Covered Wagon
12. Snakefinger -- Bad Day In Bombay (Parts I and II)
13. Snakefinger -- Move
14. Renaldo & The Loaf -- Here's To The Oblong Boys
15. Mark Mothersbaugh -- My Home Town
16. The Residents -- The Festival of Death (excerpt)

The Sonik Youth / Beck (2009)

Sonic Youth's new album 'The Eternal' is coming out on the 9th of June and it sounds great!! We're not posting the album, since it's floating all over blogworld.. We decided to post the limited split they did with Beck, only 2500 copies for the world..


Disco Kids - Take Two by Dj Fiësto (2007)

Disco Kids Take Two 2.1 -- "Soothing sounds for future disco kids"


michael armstrong - wish you were here (pink floyd)
dragibus - tsukino
michael anderson - human behaviour
colleen - babies
dragibus - chèrs petits amis
ben charest - la jungle de belleville
unknown - happy holidays (chinese)
danny elfman - overture the nightmare before christmas
michael armstrong - yesterday (the beatles)
danny elfman - introduction edward scissorhands
smashing pumpkins lullaby rendition - today
dragibus - la ronde des escargots
ben charest - barbier "cieco, cieco"
danny elfman - town meeting song (tnbc)
michael armstrong - strawberry fields forever (the beatles)
candy flip - strawberry fields forever
ben charest - generique d'ouverture (les triplettes dbv)
ming - tapis rouge
danny elfman - making christmas
caribou - dundas ontario
uriel - you who are reading me now (love experience mix)
gangpol und mit - notre vie n'est pas simple. vous ne devenez pas jeune
michael anderson - all is full of love (björk)
danny elfman - ballet de suburbia

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Fiësto's first take is still online, HERE