Farfisa Gravy Vol. 2

DJ Bylamplight is back with another comp of 60s garage mayhem! It's filled with farfisa burners so hey why not make it a follow-up to Farfisa Gravy as Volume Two? It's been too long since the last comp and the fruit is ripe so you'll be pleased to know that we also have Volume Three in store for you; check the blog in a couple days. Volume Two has more of the face melting 60s punk shredders and Volume Three explores the funkier, grittier garage sound. Enjoy!

Download Farfisa Gravy Vol. 2 and start melting your face

1. The Zephyrs -- There's Something About You
2. The Bad Boys -- Love
3. The Five Americans -- I See The Light
4. The Troyes -- Rainbow Chaser
5. The Beckett Quintet -- No Correspondence
6. The Wylde Main-iacs -- Not The One For Me
7. Neal Ford & The Fanatics -- Shame On You
8. The Mojo Men -- Dance With Me
9. The Hardtimes -- Fortune Teller
10. The Gentrys -- Brown Paper Sack
11. Burch Ray -- Blues Stay Away From Me
12. The Ceptors -- I Can't Make It
13. The Four Challengers -- Rayburn Street
14. The Sheep -- Hide & Seek
15. The Cryan Shames -- Ben Franklin's Almanac
16. Erik & The Smoke Ponies -- I'll Give You More
17. The Obvious -- I Don't Believe
18. Guess Who? -- Shakin' All Over

Album artwork by stefano.petraz


Jukin' In Tha Dungeon by Lowdjo

From the Southside of Chicago to Brussels and back...
New fresh genre called 'Footwork' or 'Juke', enjoy! Low.

Jukin' In The Dungeon by Lowdjo


RP Boo - Eraser
Jamie Grind - Footwork
Andrea - Retail Juke
Pearson Sound - Blue Eyes
Dj Roc - Let's Get It Started
Dj Nate - Halloween Wurks
Sabbo - Just Pop It
Tha Pope - Jungle Juke
Dj Elmoe - Yo Shit Fucked Up
Traxman - Compute Funk
Dj Lil Rome & Dj Yung Tellem - Kill Da Circle
Sabbo - High As The Sky
Dj Lil Rome - I Go Hard
Dj Nate - Footwurk Homicide
Dj Trouble - Mosh Pit
Dj Roc - Dj Roc Symphony
Dj Spinn & Dj Rashad - Space Juke
Dj Roc - Phantom Call
Cedaa - Juke Clap
Becoming Real ft. Trim - Like Me (Dj Rashad rmx)
Dj Killa E - Star Wars
Dj Rashad - Who Da Coldest
Dj Rashad - Ghetto Tek Muzik



Mutant Bass Hop by Lowdjo

Mutant Bass Hop by Lowdjo

Dan The Automator - Bombay 405 Miles
Maga Bo - Analys D'amour (instrumental)
Alan Vega with A.R.E Weapons - See Tha Light
Becoming Real ft. Trim - Like Me
Numan - Skull Crusher (CapricornOne rmx)
Kelpe - Margins
Taz - Robogrime
Mc Totally Rad & Dj Fuck - Super Evil
Driver&Driver - Der Kleine Ernst (Autocumbia mix)
Two Fingers - Fools Rhythm
Lazer Sword ft. Turf Talk - I'm Gone
Driver&Driver - Back To L.A
Starkey - Holodeck
DZ - Regulate
Nguzunguzu - Unfold
Lazer Sword - Batman (Nguzunguzu rmx)
Becoming Real ft. Trim - Like Me (Dj Rashad rmx)
Sabbo - Upside Down
Dj Rashad - Ghetto Tek Muzik
Candiehank - Booty Bank (Toytone rmx)