Radio tapes by Lowdjo

Eclectic mix recorded for Hugo Freegow's radio show in Liège, Belgium.. Nicely divided into 10 small parts, dated september 2007.

autechre & hafler trio - h3ae
brute nature vs wild magic - poppy tea
shawn david mc millan - the lawn
badawi - a voice from six corners
deerhoof - kidz are so small
john callaghan - every kiss takes a minute of your life
telefon tel aviv - ttv (slicker rmx)
man's best friend - a dream i had on 25th birthday
capracara (kit clayton mix) - opal rush (body mix)
maga bo - nakhil ft. k-libre
appleblim - mystical warrior
darqwan vs mark one - stargate '92 rmx
digitalism - pogo (mentalism rmx)
lfo - flu shot (kringlan)
vitalic - la rock
detroit grand pubahs - plasticine gene (ectomorph rmx)
adult - hand to phone v1.5 (carl craig)
jean-jacques perrey & luke vibert - moog acid (jackson rmx)
maximum joy - stretch
world domination enterprises - asbestos lead asbestos
ut - shamshack
the modern lovers - she cracked ('72 demo version)
api uiz de merdre - madame lokotoro
gang gang dance - revival of the shittest
the slits - earthbeat / wedding song
clint mansell ft. kronos quartet - coney island (low)
walter carlos - timesteps
the hafler trio - a thirsty fish / the dirty fire
animal collective - two sails on a sound
boards of canada - happy cycling
rechzenzentrum - in einer flüffig feit
harmonia w/ brian eno - vamos companeros
deerhoof - bone dry
broadcast - you can fall
the velvet underground - i'm sticking with you (alternate take)
brian eno - another green world
appleblim - cheat I
sutrasonic - sutra's b-boy experiment
boxcutter - brood
milanese - mr bad news
milanese - mr bad news (clark rmx)
v.i.p. - voodoo poo
alpendub - boch oi
ananda shankar - light my fire
manfred hübler & siegfried schwab - the lions and the cucumbers
pink floyd - astronomy divine
johanna group - strange love action
black dice - motorcycle

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Balkan tunes!!!

For the belgian visitors of our blog, the second edition of this years 'balkan trafik-festival' is happening at the BOZAR this weekend starting from tomorrow on, read about the festival on the organiser's site, here.

This year, Mostar Sevdah Reunion is playing at the festival so we just had to post some tunes from this amazing band.
Balkan tunes at it's best!! Hopa Hopa Hopa!!!

1. Mostar Sevdah Reunion w/ Lliljana Butler - The Legends of Life (2006)


2. Mostar Sevdah Reunion - Mostar Sevdah Reunion (2001)


our dj/contributor from Brussels, Lowdjo, promised us to supply us with some fresh balkan-mixes in the near future, so stay tuned and don't drop out!


Pole - Steingarten remixes (2007)

Featuring remixes by The Peverelist, Shackleton, Deadbeat, Mike Huckaby, Ghislain Poirier, ..



Lowdjo's blogspot...

Our man in Brussels started his own blogspot! There's a nice overview of his favourite mixes that are still available for download.. so be quick and grab what you can, HERE.


Dj ByLampLight - Lava-Lamp-Soul-Mix (2008)

or, call it "70s sex music".. enjoy!


1. Delegation - Oh Honey
2. Roberta Flack - Feel Like Makin' Love
3. Little Beaver - Party Down Part 1
4. Carl Carlton - I Wanna Be Your Main Squeeze
5. Timmy McNealy - What's Going On?
6. Barabas - Mellow Blow
7. George McCrae - Rock Your Baby
8. Fredrick II - Groovin' Out On Life
9. The Spinners - I'll Be Around
10. War - Nappy Head (Theme From "Ghetto Man")
11. Brick - Dazz
12. Sammy Gaha - Come In On Strong

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