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Christmas Bylamplight

Happy Xmas to one and all! Here's this morning's show I did on CHIRP Radio. In case you missed it, you can check out the archive here.

9:01am - Casiotone For the Painfully Alone - Cold White Christmas - Daytrotter Session 5.14.06 (Daytrotter)
9:05am - Dexter Gordon - God Rest Ye Merry. Gentlemen - God Rest Ye Merry. Jazzmen (CBS)
9:09am - Duke Pearson - Little Drummer Boy - Merry Ole Soul (Blue Note)
9:15am - Urbie Green and His All-Stars - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - A Cool Yuletide (X)
9:22am - Lowell Fulson - Lonesome Christmas - Lonesome Christmas (Hollywood)
9:24am - Charles Brown - Merry Christmas Baby - Merry Christmas Baby (Hollywood)
9:27am - Jayram Archaya - White Christmas - White Christmas (Jazzman)
9:29am - Morphine - Sexy Christmas Baby Mine - Sexy Christmas Baby Mine (SOL)
9:32am - The Qualities - Happy New Year To You! - Happy New Year To You! (Norton)
9:37am - Carla Thomas - Gee Whiz, It's Christmas - Gee Whiz, It's Christmas (Gusto)
9:39am - Sharon Jones - Ain't No Chimneys In The Projects - Ain't No Chimneys In The Projects (Daptone)
9:41am - Rufus Thomas - I'll Be Your Santa Baby - I'll Be Your Santa Baby (Stax)
9:44am - Albert King - Santa Claus Wants Some Loving - Santa Claus Wants Some Loving (Stax)
9:48am - Charles Bradley - Everyday Is Christmas (When I'm Loving You) - Everyday Is Christmas (When I'm Loving You) (Dunham)
The Free Design - You Could Be Born Again
9:56am - The Free Design - Christmas Is The Day - You Could Be Born Again (Light In The Attic)
9:59am - The Wailers - Christmas Spirit - Rockin' Christmas (The 60s) (Rhino)
10:02am - The Youngsters - Christmas In Jail - Bummed Out Christmas (Rhino)
10:05am - Beach Boys - The Man With All The Toys - Christmas Album (Capitol)
10:07am - Darlene Love - Marshmallow World - A Christmas Gift For You (Phil Spector International)
10:09am - Lonnie & The Crisis - Santa Town USA - Santa Town USA (Universal)
10:15am - Joe Quijano - Rudolfo - Rudolfo (Coco)
10:17am - Jacob Miller & Ray I - All I Want For Ismas - Natty Christmas (RAS)
10:23am - Joe Gibbs - Rock It For Christmas - Rock It For Christmas (Joe Gibbs)
10:26am - Eek-A-Mouse - Christmas-A-Come - The Very Best of Eek-A-Mouse (Shanachie)
10:32am - He5 - Auld Lang Syne - Merry Christmas Psychedelic Sound (Now-Again)
10:38am - The Jive Turkeys - Get Down Santa - Get Down Santa (Colemine)
10:41am - Jimmy Reed - Christmas Present Blues - In The Christmas Groove (Strut)
10:44am - The Harvey Averne Band - Let's Get It Together This Christmas - Let's Get It Together This Christmas (Fania)
10:46am - Binky Griptite - Stone Soul Christmas - Stone Soul Christmas (Daptone)
10:49am - George Conedy - El Nino del Tambor - El Nino del Tambor (Unknown)
10:58am - Pee Pee Dynamite - A Groovy Christmas And New Year - A Groovy Christmas And New Year (Academy)
11:01am - The 5, 6, 7, 8s - Rock & Roll Santa - Rock & Roll Santa (Norton)
11:04am - The Sonics - Don't Believe In Christmas - Don't Believe In Christmas (Norton)
11:06am - The Tabaltix - Don't Believe In Christmas - Psychobilly Christmas (Cleopatra)
11:09am - Johnny Cue - Rockabilly Christmas - Rockin' Christmas (Rhino)
11:10am - Bob Seger & The Last Heard - Sock It To Me Santa - Sock It To Me Santa (Cameo)
11:12am - Blues Magoos - Jingle Bells - Jingle Bells (Mercury)
11:21am - Disco 4 - He's Santa Claus - Christmas Rap (Profile)
11:23am - The Grand Rapmasters - Deck The Halls - Deck The Halls (ESX)
11:27am - Busy Boys - Funky Fresh Xmas - B Boys Christmas (B Boy)
11:32am - Snoop Dogg - Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto - Christmas On Death Row (Death Row)
11:38am - Ray Harris & The Fusion Experience - Soulful Christmas - Soulful Christmas (Record Kicks)
11:45am - Clyde Lasley - Santa Came Home Drunk - Santa Came Home Drunk (Bea & Baby)
11:47am - Jr & His Soulettes - Rock-n-Roll Santa - Psychodelic Sounds (Unknown)
11:52am - AKIM & The Teddy Vann Productions - Santa Claus Is A Black Man - A John Waters Christmas (New Line)
11:54am - Black Lips - Christmas In Baghdad - Christmas In Baghdad (Norton)


Farfisa Gravy Vol. 4

DJ Bylamplight is back with another box of sweaty, hair raising garage/psych stompers! It's a varied batch this time that cools you off after heavy rockers with some psych funk but not before dropping you into proto power pop territory and even a rare private synth rocker Twelve Hour Man by Mike Lucie. This Mike Lucie record is so elusive that Bylamplight can't even locate his copy anymore :( No idea where it went whatsoever. If you're looking for more Farfisa Gravy, you can still nab versions one, two, and three.

(leave a comment if you need a re-up)

1. The Easybeats -- Women (Parlophone)
2. The Movers -- Birmingham (123)
3. The Strangeloves -- Night Time (Bang)
4. The British Walkers -- Shake (Cameo Parkway)
5. The Noblemen -- Stop Your Running Around (CJL)
6. The Daughters of Eve -- Don't Waste My Time (Spectra Sound)
7. Rob Hoeke Group -- Double Cross Woman (Pip)
8. The Cups -- Good As Gold (Tetragrammaton)
9. The Cryan' Shames -- Greenburg, Glickstein, Charles, David Smith & Jones (Columbia)
10. The Live Fives -- Who Knows (Piccadilly)
11. Blackwell -- Outside (Astro)
12. Jimmy Jukebox -- Motor Boat (Chattahoochee)
13. Mike Lucie -- Twelve Hour Man (Ruby)
14. The Catalinas -- The Coco Cherry Mash (The Chase Candy Company)
15. The Moon Rakers -- I'm All Right (Tower)
16. Lenny Williams -- Feelin' Blue (Galaxy)
17. Mark Farner -- Down In The Valley (Lucky Eleven)
18. The Movers -- Leave Me Loose (123)
19. Roy Head -- Apple of My Eye (Back Beat)
20. Billy and Lilly and The Thunderbirds -- Baby You Don't Know (Crossroad)
21. Count & The Colony -- Say What You Think (SSS International)
22. Dee Jay and the Runaways -- Peter Rabbit (Smash)
23. The Cherry Slush -- I Cannot Stop You (USA)
24. Corporate Image -- Not Fade Away (MGM)
25. The Viceroys -- That Sound (Bolo)
26. Eternity's Children -- Rupert White (Tower)


Farfisa Gravy Vol. 3

The savage 60s sound of screaming farfisas is back in a third volume! For the full face melting experience be sure sure to grab volume one and two. Volume three gets more into the gritty funkier side of garage but it still has some burners.

Yours, DJ Bylamplight

Farfisa Gravy Vol. 3

1. Small Faces -- I Can't Dance With You
2. The Jerms -- Not At All
3. Big Brother and the Holding Company -- Down On Me
4. Underground Sunshine -- Don't Shut Me Out
5. The Four Challengers -- Love Me When You Can
6. Tidal Waves -- Farmer John
7. The Bossmen -- On The Road
8. Vinnie Basile -- Girl
9. The Wylde Main-iacs -- Why Ain't Love Fair
10. The Sheep -- Twelve Months Later
11. The Dynatones -- The Fife Piper
12. The Farlanes -- Doctor Fonebone
13. The Bad Boys -- Black Olives
14. The Cavemen -- A Small World
15. Chris Morgan & The Togas -- There She Goes
16. Little John -- Black Winds
17. The Abstracts -- Smell of Incense
18. The Wicked -- The Spider and the Fly

Cover art by Saucy Salad


Farfisa Gravy Vol. 2

DJ Bylamplight is back with another comp of 60s garage mayhem! It's filled with farfisa burners so hey why not make it a follow-up to Farfisa Gravy as Volume Two? It's been too long since the last comp and the fruit is ripe so you'll be pleased to know that we also have Volume Three in store for you; check the blog in a couple days. Volume Two has more of the face melting 60s punk shredders and Volume Three explores the funkier, grittier garage sound. Enjoy!

Download Farfisa Gravy Vol. 2 and start melting your face

1. The Zephyrs -- There's Something About You
2. The Bad Boys -- Love
3. The Five Americans -- I See The Light
4. The Troyes -- Rainbow Chaser
5. The Beckett Quintet -- No Correspondence
6. The Wylde Main-iacs -- Not The One For Me
7. Neal Ford & The Fanatics -- Shame On You
8. The Mojo Men -- Dance With Me
9. The Hardtimes -- Fortune Teller
10. The Gentrys -- Brown Paper Sack
11. Burch Ray -- Blues Stay Away From Me
12. The Ceptors -- I Can't Make It
13. The Four Challengers -- Rayburn Street
14. The Sheep -- Hide & Seek
15. The Cryan Shames -- Ben Franklin's Almanac
16. Erik & The Smoke Ponies -- I'll Give You More
17. The Obvious -- I Don't Believe
18. Guess Who? -- Shakin' All Over

Album artwork by stefano.petraz


Jacky's Psych Out! by Lowdjo

Been listening to a lot of psychedelic music last year..

Here's a mix with some tracks I played at last year's Smarty Party, and a few extras.. This one's for you Jacky!

Jacky's Psych Out! by Lowdjo


Pierre Raph - An Intimate Relationship
Black Devil Disco Club - Pendulum
Acanthus - Sleeping Beauty (Samba Des Vampires)
Spirit - The Other Song
Billy Green - Amanda
Sam Spence - The Net
Jacky Chalard - L'Agonie (Instrumental)
Pierre Cavalli - Un Soir Chez Norris
Ennio Morricone - Magic And Ecstacy
Erkin Koray - Seni Her Gördürümde
Las Grecas - Bella Kali
Jacky Chalard - Superman Supercool (Extended version)
Hayvanlar Alemi - Snakesurfing
Herman's Rocket - Space Woman
Pierre Raph - Gilda & Gunshots
Gipsys - Kamasutra
Free The Robots - Turkish Voodoo
Gaslamp Killer - Fun Over 100
Braens Machine - Flying
Basile - Engins Bizarres
Soreng Santi - Iron Man

Recorded in Lowdjo's dungeon, Brussels - January 2011

Watch the whole photo album.. HERE!


Farfisa Gravy

As promised, here's the follow-up comp to yesterday's Funky Hot Biscuits. Both contain more than a grab bag of 45s found in Mark Prellburg's loot this past weekend. Actually, Mark was pretty surprised to see collectors like Dr. Drase and I picking up both R&B and garage at the same time. The truth is there was a lot of crossover between these genres back in the 60s; the garage bands were obviously listening to R&B and probably vice versa. There are even a few tracks on here that were originally part of Funky Hot Biscuits but in the end I thought they were too raucous and fit better with the rocker tunes. By the way, Farfisa organ is one of the funkiest instruments around.

Download Zip of MP3s

1. Las Moskas -- Mony Mony
2. The Rivieras -- Rockin' Robin
3. Danny & The Sessions -- Mojo
4. Buckinghams -- Don't Want To Cry
5. The Rationals -- Leavin' Here
6. Gil Bateman -- Wicked Love
7. The Executioners -- I Want The Rain
8. The Coastliners -- I'll Be Gone
9. Sonny and the Premiers -- What It Is
10. The Clingers -- Gonna Have A Good Time
11. Better Sweet -- Like The Flowers
12. The Great Imposters -- Tell Me
13. The Five Americans -- Don't Blame Me
14. Las Moskas -- Me Voy O Me Quedo (Double Shot)
15. Troy Shondell -- Let Me Love You
16. The Baskerville Hounds -- Here I Come Miami
17. The Great Imposters -- Get Out Of My Life Woman
18. The Blues Effort -- Get Out of My Life, Woman
19. The Coachmen -- Mr. Moon

Yours, DJ Bylamplight

Photo by diminuta


Polle Van De Gash & Lowdjo LIVE-recording

For all you psych lovers out there!

(Recorded LIVE @ UBD 2.0 - Recyclart, Brussels)


Harmonia - Monza (Rauf Und Runter)
Mehr Pooya - Ghabiley-Ye Lily
Les Maledictus Sound 'Wedding Party'
Pierre Raph - 'Gilda & Gunshots'
US 69 - Yesterday Folks
Braens Machine - Flying
The Melodians - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Omar Khorsid - Guitar El Chark
Wolfgang Dauner - Lady Blue
The Peppers - Pepper Box
Rotation - Rotation II
Martin Circus - Je m'éclate au Sénégal
Bruno Spoerri - Les Electroniciens
14 Bis - God Save The Queen
Jean-Claude Vannier - L'enfant, La Mouche et Les Allumettes
Philip Besombes - Rugby
Kollage Klatte - In Man Get
Torchbearers Boil - Solar Singe
Sohail Rana - Soul Sitar
Bharat Karki & Party - Arabica
Zia - Heleleyos
Baris Manço - Tavuklara Kiss De
Goom - Massai
Gonjasufi - Kowboyz&Indians
Soreng Santi - Iron Man
Payom Moogda - Tamai Dern Sae (Why Do You Walk Like A Drunkard)
Moebius & Beerbohm - Ying Yang
The Vampires of Dartmoore - Hello, Mister Hitchcock
San Antonia - J'aime Ou J'Emm
Mehr Pouya - Soul Raga
Okay Temiz - Denizalti Rüzgarlan
The Gaslamp Killer - Turk Mex
Jacky Chalard - L'Agonie (Instrumental)
Sam Spence - The Net
Chronicle Grime - Career Cats Get Tiger Suits

Direct Download!


Hot Smoke & Mini Skirts

Hey Chicago, Dr. Drase and I started up a monthly residency over at Beauty Bar at 1444 W Chicago Ave. This is a brand new spot in town and if you've checked it out already then you know it has a killer dance floor. We like dancing so we're pulling out some stomping 45s in a garage / soul / crossover style, each one especially chosen to move your feet!

Our next night is on Thursday May 27th, from 9pm til close. Hop on the Facebook invite here and RSVP if you want a reminder. After that we'll be holding it down every second Thursday of the month so mark your calendar (June 10th, July 8th, ...).

As a very special treat, the first 25 friendly faces who drop in and say hi will receive a CD of rare garage 45s! Here is a playlist below; the first two tracks are clickable if you want to preview the goods. Well, we are a bunch of spoilers so if you want to get pumped go ahead and download the whole thing, the link is below.

1. 49th Parallel -- Laborer (RCA Victor)
2. Bobby Long -- Mo Jo Workout (Vegas)
3. The Sonics -- Psycho (Etiquette)
4. The Cobras -- La La (Swan)
5. The Raves -- Don't Chop Down My Tree (Smash)
6. The Raves -- Think of Your Love (Smash)
7. The Todds -- I Want Her Back (Toddlin' Town)
8. The Plague -- Go Away (Garage Greats)
9. Red Shepard & The Flock -- She's A Grabber (Philips)
10. The Calico Wall -- I'm A Living Sickness (Dove)
11. The Heard -- Exit 9 (Garage Greats)
12. The Stoics -- Hate (Garage Greats)
13. The Thunderbirds -- Hey Little Girl (Garage Greats)
14. Chiquita -- Father In Law (Cha Cha)
15. The Headstones -- 24 Hours (Everyday) (Garage Greats)
16. The Headstones -- Wish She Were Mine (Garage Greats)
17. The Sound Barrier -- Hey, Hey (Garage Greats)

Download ZIP of all MP3s

If you're an avid Liquid Dilemma reader then you'll probably recognize that this mix first popped up a little while back.

Yours, DJ Bylamplight


Springtime Crossover!

I've been stockpiling some killer 45s so what better time than springtime to put together a little comp? It kinda turned into a Garage / R&B crossover thing and digs into some evil rockers from the Garage Greats reissue series too. Don't miss the Chiquita record (wow!) on Cha Cha or the R&B / Doo-Wop number La La by The Cobras. These two absolutely kill me.

UPDATE: For our Chicago readers, I'll be DJing 45s like these with Dr. Drase at Hot Smoke & Mini Skirts - see you on the dance floor!

Download ZIP of MP3s

1. 49th Parallel -- Laborer (RCA Victor)
2. Bobby Long -- Mo Jo Workout (Vegas)
3. The Sonics -- Psycho (Etiquette)
4. The Cobras -- La La (Swan)
5. The Raves -- Don't Chop Down My Tree (Smash)
6. The Raves -- Think of Your Love (Smash)
7. The Todds -- I Want Her Back (Toddlin' Town)
8. The Plague -- Go Away (Garage Greats)
9. Red Shepard & The Flock -- She's A Grabber (Philips)
10. The Calico Wall -- I'm A Living Sickness (Dove)
11. The Heard -- Exit 9 (Garage Greats)
12. The Stoics -- Hate (Garage Greats)
13. The Thunderbirds -- Hey Little Girl (Garage Greats)
14. Chiquita -- Father In Law (Cha Cha)
15. The Headstones -- 24 Hours (Everyday) (Garage Greats)
16. The Headstones -- Wish She Were Mine (Garage Greats)
17. The Sound Barrier -- Hey, Hey (Garage Greats)

Yours, DJ Bylamplight

Cover art photo by birdfarm


Guzba recordings..

Last december I did a recording for an event in Croatia, called Guzba.. with different sounds from all over the world, divided over four parts. Enjoy!

Guzba One °° Folk & Pop Soundz

1. Monkey Forest Night (Night Recordings from Bali)

2. Sir Richard Bishop - Taqasim for Omar
3. Bush Taxi Mali - Morning In Djenne - Les Chevaux De Sunjata
4. Kokanko Sata - Allah Kognuman Don
5. Getatchew Mekuria & The Ex - Eywat Setenafegagn
6. Radio Thailand - Unknown / Folk Dj's armed with technology
7. Ja'Afar Hassan - They Taught Me
8. Group Bombino - Imuhar
9. Terakaft - Intidgagen
10. Bo Hein - Burmese Golden Drum
11. Khun Kan Chwain - Nan Pohn Sahn
12. The Flower of Isan - Hua Ngawk Yawk Sao
13. Los Destellos - Ronda Tropical
14. Radio Pyongyang - Commie Funk

Guzba Two °° Tropical Psych

15. Soong Nam Dondhan Saliga (The Sparrow and the Waterfall) (Khaen ...)
16. Radio Algeria - Radio Oran
17. Unknown - style: Hecha (Iraq)
18. Moondog - Bumbo
19. Wareika Hill Sounds - Coconut Head Special
20. Radio Thailand - Rubber of High Quality
21. Vincent Kuli - Yaka Ko Tala
22. Group Doueh - Wazan Samat
23. Adwika Depala - Moni, Moni Non Dey
24. Group Bombino - Amidinine
25. The Vampires of Dartmoore - Hallo, mister Hitchcock
26. Harmonia - Gollum
27. Melodians - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
28. Mutantes - Ando Meio Desligado
29. Los Diablos Rojos - Sacalo Sacalo
30. Los 007 - No Te Puedo Encontrar
31. Khun Paw Yann - unknown
32. Kack Toi Mor (PM Pocket Music)
33. Lhow Lenum - The Son of PM
34. Payom Moogda - Loomsia
35. Pone Tala Pone -Indian- PM7 / Jupiter

Guzba Three °° Tropical Rawk

36. Ennio Morricone - Guerra E Pace, Pollo E Brace
37. Sergio Del Rio Y Su Conjunto - Mama Loo & Ata Una Cinta Alrededor Del Viejo Roble
38. Ozdemir Erdogan - Karaoglan Almanya'da
39. M. Ashraf ft. Ahmed Rushdi - Dama Dam Mast Qalandar
40. Illés - A Bolond Lany
41. Fellini - Rock Europeu
42. Los Holy's - Holy's Psicodelicos
43. The Vampire's Sound Incorporation - Drug
44. Locomotiv GT - Kérgeskezü Favagok
45. Los Mirlos Sonido Amazunico
46. M. Ashraf ft. Nahid Ahkfar - Mera Mehbob Hai
47. La Tia Leonor Y Sus Sobrinos - Marcha A La Turca
48. The Vampire's Sound Incorporation - The Lions and The Cucumber
49. Jorge Ben - Take It Easy My Brother Charlie
50. Hungaria - Vegallomas
51. Buldozer - Novo Vrijeme
52. Radio Algeria - Radio International
53. Caetano Veloso - Tropicalia
54. Gal Costa - Relance
55. Gilberto Gil - Bat Macumba
56. Orchestre Poly Rythmo de Cotonou - Aka Ba Ho
57. Broki - Comparsa (Hector Calderon 7" mix)
58. Group Inerane - Ashal Wali Tigeli
59. Gal Costa - Tuareg
60. The Vampire's Sound Incorporation - There is no Satisfactoin
61. Pina Y Sus Estrellas - Los Extranos
62. Orchestre Poly Rythmo de Cotonou - Se Tche We Djo Mon
63. Akira S Et As Garotas Que Erraram - Sobre As Pernas
64. Figli di Madre Ignota - Spaghetti Balkan
65. As Mercenarias - Inimigo
66. Pankrti - Lublana Je Bulana
67. Joy Division - Warsaw

Guzba Four °° Streaming only!

68. Omar Souleyman - Atabat
69. Makossa & Megablast vs OMFO - Bugdub
70. Maga Bo ft. Bigg - 3akel
71. Filastine - Crescent Occupation
72. Rona Hartner - Frida y Diego (Zgomot rmx)
73. Dunkelbunt - ft. Ostblocket - Der Kircherer
74. Analogik - The Pobeat
75. Balkan Beat Box - Gypsy Queens
76. Dunkelbunt ft. Raf Mc & Fanfare Ciocarlia
77. Missy Elliot - Get Your Freak On (Typsy Gypsy rmx)
78. Mahala Rai Banda - Spoiteresa
79. Shazalakazoo - This Is Folkstep
80. Boban I Marko Markovic Orkestar - Igraj Devojko
81. Miss Blitz aka Mohak - Kusti Kusti Golaba GO!
82. Schlachthofbronx - Di Finga
83. Peter Pozorek - Thriller (extended)
84. Crookers - Gypsy P
85. Grandpamini - Russians Like To Move It Too
86. Hej, Haj Brigade - Druze Tito, Liubicice Bijela


Christmas 2009: Music For The Mall

Each year I set aside weird / oddball Christmas records that cross my path then put together a little comp to feed the frenzy of freakish holiday spirit. I don't think you'd ever hear any of these at the mall but that would be pretty funny if you did. For a marathon of obsurdities, you could fill a playlist with the last few comps too. We love to give you guys lots of music around Xmas and New Year here on Liquid D so check back soon!

Yours, DJ Bylamplight

Download the comp!

1. Nadroj & The Wolrats -- Forget It
2. Yard Trauma -- Christmas Tyme (Baby)
3. He5 -- Auld Lang Syne
4. Jr. & His Soulettes -- Rock-n-Roll Santa
5. Nathaniel Mayer -- Mr. Santa Claus (Bring Me My Baby)
6. Johnny Cue -- Rockabilly Christmas
7. Johnny Rabb -- Gotta Get Lucky For X'mas
8. The Trashmen -- Dancin' With Santa
9. The Malibooz -- Santa's Gone Surfin'
10. Wednesday Week -- Christmastime Here (Could Never Be Like That)
11. Detholz! -- Frosty The Snowman
12. Rocket From The Crypt -- Cancel Christmas
13. Red Aunts -- Little Drummer Bitch
14. Cheepskates -- Last Minute Rush
15. Jacknife -- Santa Claus Never Forgets
16. Suburban Nightmares -- Schizophrenic X'mas
17. Andre Williams a.k.a. Rudibaker -- Christmas Wish


Majestic Coal Chute No. 4

Hey all, happy Thanksgiving. Here's part four of the Majestic Coal Chute series, a collection I put together mostly from 45s nabbed down in Texas on a recent trip. Part one gets into some heavy, mindbending 70s psych, part two revs it up with some slamming 60s garage, part three again is screeching garage rock, and finally this last one cools it down with some off-center pop tunes from the 60s and 70s as well as some softer psych and folk numbers. Phew, that's nearly four hours of music. Download, press play, and enjoy the feast!

Download Majestic Coal Chute No. 4 (zip of mp3s)

1. The Lonesome Rhodes -- The Delight of My Day
2. The California Gold Rush -- Let's Get It On Today
3. Picketywitch -- Maybe We've Been Loving Too Long
4. The Messengers -- Hard Hard Year
5. The Empty Set -- Tomorrow Is A Long Time
6. Bonnie Dobson -- I Got Stung
7. Fountain of Youth -- Day Don't Come
8. The Fabulous Royals -- She Told Me
9. Jerry Sharell -- It'll Never Happen Again
10. Rockin Robin Roberts -- Maryann
11. Ivan and The Sabers -- Just Let Her Go
12. The Thyme -- Very Last Day
13. The Thyme -- Love To Love
14. Honey Ltd. -- Tomorrow Your Heart
15. Honey Ltd. -- Come Down
16. The Robbs -- Last of The Wine
17. The Robbs -- Written In The Dust
18. Cliff Richard & The Shadows -- Time Drags By
19. The Cindermen -- True Love
20. The Empty Set -- Early Mornin' Rain
21. Ivan and The Sabers -- It's Not Like You

Majestic Coal Chute No. 3

As a follow-up to parts one and two, here's another collection of scorching 60s garage tunes, mostly from a recent digging excursion down in Austin, Texas. Part four is on the way! Due to the holidays it may or may not arrive in time for the big feast. If not, check back on Black Friday. Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow yankees. Let the giving begin...

Download Majestic Coal Chute No. 3 (zip of mp3s)

1. The "You Know Who" Group -- Playboy
2. The Bonniwell Music Machine -- Bottom of the Soul
3. Al's Untouchables -- Come On Baby
4. Tongue & Groove -- Mailman's Sack
5. The Barons -- Now You're Mine
6. Cirkit -- Yesterday We Laughed
7. The Animals -- Inside-Looking Out
8. The Mustangs -- Baby Let Me Take You Home
9. The Fabulous Royals -- At The Dance
10. Link Wray -- Jack The Ripper
11. The One Way Streets -- Jack The Ripper
12. The One Way Streets -- We All Love Peanut Butter
13. The Rondels -- Back Beat No. 1
14. The Balloon Farm -- A Question of Temperature
15. The Blue Chips -- Where
16. The Ballantraes -- Baby Jane
17. The Equals -- Baby, Come Back
18. The Equals -- Hold Me Closer
19. Cirkit -- I Was Wrong
20. The Zoo -- Where Have All The Good Times Gone?
21. The Zoo -- She Said, She Said Good Day Sunshine


Majestic Coal Chute No. 2

Thankful for old records? Me too. I'm giving back all week so mark your calendar and keep an eye on Liquid D. Today's installment is the follow-up to Majestic Coal Chute No. 1, this time getting into heavy teener garage rocker territory. You'll notice there are a few massive cuts off the elusive Garage Greats reissue label (each one links to the label's myspace page). Grab these 45s now! The originals are long gone and the reissues won't be around for much longer either. Next part in the Majestic series drops tomorrow.

Download Majestic Coal Chute No. 2

1. The Social Outkasts -- Mad
2. The Chartbusters -- She's The One
3. The Blue Chips -- Keep Looking For Love
4. The Triumphs -- You Gotta Dance
5. The New Breed -- Green Eye'd Woman
6. Royal Flairs -- Suicide
7. Noblemen -- Dirty Robber
8. Sammy Jay and the Tiffineers -- You're Driving Me Insane
9. Link Wray -- Bo Diddley
10. Royal Flairs -- One Pine Box
11. The Shocking Blue -- Venus
12. The Leaves -- Get Out of My Life Woman
13. Human Beings -- I Can Tell
14. J.C. Horton -- You Are Love
15. Bunky & Jake -- Big Boy Pete
16. Bunky & Jake -- If I Had A Dream
17. Al's Untouchables -- Stick Around
18. James T. And The Workers -- That Is All
19. The "You Know Who" Group -- My Love (Roses Are Red)
20. Noblemen -- Forever Lonely
21. Jake Holmes -- Think I'm Being Had
22. James T. And The Workers -- Who Can I Turn To

Yours, DJ Bylamplight


Primitive Moments

Download zip of mp3s

Another comp of heavy garage punk and psych 45s. Yours, DJ Bylamplight

1. The Music Machine -- The Eagle Never Hunts The Fly
2. The Sonics -- The Witch
3. Crow -- Cottage Cheese
4. The Five Sounds -- Loadin' Coal
5. The Trolls -- Every Day And Every Night
6. The Five Emprees -- Hey Baby
7. Clefs of Lavender Hill -- So I'll Try
8. Clefs of Lavender Hill -- One More Time
9. Roger Booth and the Escorts -- Space Walk
10. The Music Machine -- I've Loved You
11. The Smoke -- My Mama
12. Fenways -- A-Go-Go
13. The Willies -- The Willy
14. The Five Emprees -- Why
15. Majic Ship -- Green Plant
16. The Sixpentz -- Don't Say You're Sorry
17. Lt. Garcia's Magic Music Box -- Latin Shake
18. The Ponees -- Move It, Groove It
19. The Willies -- Say You're Mine Again
20. The Trolls -- Are You The One?
21. B. J. Keller & The Thymes -- South Dakota
22. The Ponees -- Here's The Place

Photo by Joel Zimmer


Surfing Lake Michigan

Did you know that people actually surf Lake Michigan? Me neither. Here's a little comp I put together after running into a record dealer from Michigan at the last Chicago record show. I picked up so many rare Michigan 45s off of him that I ran out of money and had to leave early! Here are the 60s Garage / Surf cuts for ya with some non-MI Garage killers mixed in for filler. Half of these tracks have been comped already and a couple even reissued but there are still some surprises in here. Enjoy! -DJ Bylamplight. (Psst, more garage here.)

Download Surfing Lake Michigan

track listing:

Dragon Fly -- J.D. & The Dynamics (MI)
Got Love -- Terry Knight And The Pack (MI)
Crawdaddy Simone -- The Syndicats (UK)
Bust Out -- The Busters (MA)
Astronaut's -- The Busters (MA)
Hey Miss Sally -- The One Way Pedestrians (MI)
I'd Like To Say -- The One Way Pedestrians (MI)
Gonna Leave -- Mitch & The Mistys (TX)
Hey! Baby -- Mitch & The Mistys (TX)
Love's Gone Bad -- The Underdogs (MI)
96 Tears -- ? (Question Mark) & The Mysterians (MI)
Midnight Hour -- ? (Question Mark) & The Mysterians (MI)
Touch -- Outsiders (Netherlands)
The Ballad Of John B. -- Outsiders (Netherlands)
I Said Move -- The Aztex (IN)
The Little Streets In This Town -- The Aztex (IN)
You Turn Me On -- Ian Whitcomb (Ireland)
Everything's Alright -- The Archies (NY)
Just Out Of Reach -- The Zombies (UK)
Remember You -- The Zombies (UK)
Better Man Than I -- Terry Knight And The Pack (MI)
On The Horizon -- The Syndicats (UK)
Mozart Mash -- J.D. & The Dynamics (MI)


Hot Texas Vol. 1

Ah, yes, summer has come and gone and fall is in effect here in Chicago. I spent a little time in Texas this summer and of course made sure to dig for records while I was there. It's damn hot in Texas. And if you don't know, Texas — because of its proximity to the Gulf states — is one of the prime spots for finding 60s Funk and Soul (Houston for one had a lively Funk scene). Texas also had a few Garage scenes here and there, as did most places in the US during the 60s.

More importantly, Austin TX is home to some serious diggers who travel all over the US in search of records for their shops. Spots like Breakaway Records and Friends of Sound are just a few places I got lost in for hours, barely making a dent in the stacks. I also dug around San Antonio's Alamo Records and found a few bits and pieces. I'll upload some pics later on.

Here is the first compilation of heavy Garage and Rockabilly 45s I mostly found in TX. It's in a theme similar to the Turn On Your Lamplight boxset and even features a few TX locals: Roy Head and The Five Americans (maybe others?).

This is just the first of several Hot Texas compilations. The other ones will get more into the Funk and Soul so stay tuned. Track listing:

Move On Down -- Renaissance
Fortune Teller -- The Del-Rays
Rhythm & Greens -- The Shadows
Jump, Jive and Harmonize -- Thee Midniters (check out more reissues from Norton Records)
Thee Midnite Feeling -- Thee Midniters
Sweet Bacon -- Julian Covey and the Machine
A Little Bit Hurt -- Julian Covey and the Machine
Gonna Have A Good Time -- The Easybeats
Time Won't Let Me -- The Outsiders
Come Fill Your Cup -- Springwell
Like I Do -- The Del-Rays
No Communication -- The Five Americans
Death of an Angel -- The Kingsmen
Baby, Please Don't Go -- Them
Get Back -- Roy Head
Treat Her Right -- Roy Head & The Traits
Ramrod -- Duane Eddy His "Twangy" Guitar and the Rebels
Wing Ding -- Joey Dee & The Starlighters
The Green Mosquito -- The Tune Rockers
Rebel - 'Rouser -- Duane Eddy and His "Twangy" Guitar
Rotation -- Rotation
Amen -- Renaissance
The Walker -- Duane Eddy His "Twangy" Guitar and the Rebels

grab it!

Yours, DJ Bylamplight.


Turn On Your Lamplight Pt 4

The Turn On Your Lamplight box set keeps growing! If you're familiar with parts 1, 2, and 3, you'll be pleased to know that this one digs up the roughest, ugliest, grittiest 60s Garage Punk yet. And there's a little bit of surf thrown in for good measure (bird is the word).

To get a taste of the dirt I'm talking about, have a listen to Girl by The Keggs. Was this all in one take? Can these guys even play their instruments? This is the rough stuff that made the 60s a special time — the birth of punk rock? Quite possibly. Or how about this one, the wild, chopped up Things Gotta To Change by Barry Lee. First of all, they couldn't even get the title right when printing the record label. Next, the band can't even keep time on the backup vocals! The result is a flailing, beautiful cacophony of raw energy. If the instruments were tighter and the recording polished up then this would sound like a flat, boring pop tune at best.

I wanted to make a special shout out to Dr. Mindburger, a record dealer in Chicago who I got a couple of these 45s from. Take notice of this special lost garage tune by The Blackstones, Chicago City. This was pressed up by the doctor himself after a cohort stumbled upon the acetate in a garage sale. What a savage cut! I also have a psychedelic mix in the works with some proper Mindburger tunes on it so check back often.

This stuff really gets my blood pumping.

yours, DJ Bylamplight.

Oh Yeah! -- Thee Impalas
Things Gotta To Change -- Barry Lee
Roses Are Red -- Steve King
Surfin' Bird -- The Trashmen
Bird Dance Beat -- The Trashmen
H. B. Goose Step -- The Rivieras
Searching For Love -- The Kingsmen
Turn On Your Love Light -- The Vondels
Psychotic Reaction -- Positively Thirteen O'Clock
Love Me Baby -- Jon & Robin And The In Crowd
Pain -- Nova's Nine
Point Of No Return -- The Music Machine
Forget Me Baby -- Lulu And The Luvers
Come On Back (Instr.) -- The Wild Ones
King Mixer -- The Music Machine
Baby Let Me Take You Home -- The Animals
Come On Up -- Thee Impalas
Theme For Pammy -- The Fenways
Take Me Back -- The Flock
Chicago City -- The Blackstones
Girl -- The Keggs

nab it


Turn On Your Lamplight Pt. 2

DJ Bylamplight's follow-up to part 1. Some heavy 60s Garage for all the shakers out there, enjoy!

Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On -- Tommy Adderley
Lotta Lotta Lovin' -- Tino & The Revlons
Heavy Music Pt. 1 -- Bob Seger
Bird Dog -- The Del Counts
Goodbye Babe -- The Castaways
Turn On Your Love Light -- The Misfits
Double Yellow Line -- The Music Machine
So Sad -- The Taboos
Exotic -- The Night Beats
Dragon Walk -- The Noblemen
Night Train -- The Viscounts
Bulldog -- The Fireballs
UFO -- Dudley & The Doo Rytes
Straight Jacket -- Gregory Dee and The Avanties
Haunted Castle -- The Kingsmen
Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White -- The Night Beats
I Just Don't Understand -- Tommy Adderley
Empty Heart -- The Deacons
The Crusher -- The Novas



Turn On Your Lamplight Pt. 1

Dear Liquidites, DJ Bylamplight here. Enjoy ...

Kansas City -- Wilbert Harrison
Thunder Wagon -- The Noblemen
Summertime -- The Viscounts
Snake In The Grass -- Larry Marshall
Elizabethian Reggae -- Byron Lee & The Dragonaires
Soul Serenade -- Byron Lee & The Dragonaires
Coconut Water -- Desmond Dekker
Move Up A Little Closer -- Ronnie Williams
Get Out My Life -- Lee Dorsey
All My Life -- The Taboos
(Turn On Your) Love Light -- The High Spirits
Tossin' and Turnin' -- The High Spirits
Beachin' -- The Furys
If You Didn't Hear Me The First Time -- The Sandpebbles
Searchin' -- The Nu-Trons
That's Really Some Good -- Rufus & Carla
Sixpence -- The Escorts
Pop-Eye Stroll -- The Mar-keys
Easy Rockin' Chair -- Jerry Smith
Red Sails In The Sunset -- Tino & The Revlons


And keep your eyes peeled for part 2.