Funky Hot Biscuits

Hey all, it's time for another compilation of 45s I've been digging up recently. Actually, it's been more than a minute since the last one so I found a backlog of gems for ya. In part these were the northern soul and deep funk cuts I pulled out for Addenda's release show of the new JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound 7" on Friday (what a great show!). I also picked up some HOT records from Mark Prellburg on Sunday when Dr. Drase and I woke up early for an adventure up to Mt. Prospect. Wow! I snagged some killer garage from his boxes too so there's actually another comp that focuses on the stompers coming tomorrow. Watch for it.

Download Zip of MP3s

1. The Barons -- While The Cats Away (The Mice Will Play)
2. Benny Spellman -- The Word Game
3. The Lost Family -- Blow My Mind
4. Eddie Purrell -- The Spoiler
5. Lee Rogers -- Boss Love
6. Alvin Cash -- Moaning and Groaning
7. The Best of Both Worlds -- Moma Bakes Biscuits
8. Jerry McCain -- Funky Down Easy
9. Lee Sain -- Them Hot Pants (Part I)
10. Chris Jones -- I'm The Man
11. Hack Bartholomew -- La La You
12. B.W. Souls -- Marvins Groove
13. The Mustangs -- The Dartell Stomp
14. The Mar-Keys -- Grab This Thing, Part 1
15. The Mar-Keys -- Grab This Thing, Part 2
16. Huey Piano Smith -- The Watcha' Call 'Em
17. Huey Piano Smith -- Ballad of A Blackman
18. Willie Headen -- Just A Letter From You
19. Mosquitoes -- The "Fly" (Long Version)

Yours, DJ Bylamplight

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