Farfisa Gravy Vol. 4

DJ Bylamplight is back with another box of sweaty, hair raising garage/psych stompers! It's a varied batch this time that cools you off after heavy rockers with some psych funk but not before dropping you into proto power pop territory and even a rare private synth rocker Twelve Hour Man by Mike Lucie. This Mike Lucie record is so elusive that Bylamplight can't even locate his copy anymore :( No idea where it went whatsoever. If you're looking for more Farfisa Gravy, you can still nab versions one, two, and three.

(leave a comment if you need a re-up)

1. The Easybeats -- Women (Parlophone)
2. The Movers -- Birmingham (123)
3. The Strangeloves -- Night Time (Bang)
4. The British Walkers -- Shake (Cameo Parkway)
5. The Noblemen -- Stop Your Running Around (CJL)
6. The Daughters of Eve -- Don't Waste My Time (Spectra Sound)
7. Rob Hoeke Group -- Double Cross Woman (Pip)
8. The Cups -- Good As Gold (Tetragrammaton)
9. The Cryan' Shames -- Greenburg, Glickstein, Charles, David Smith & Jones (Columbia)
10. The Live Fives -- Who Knows (Piccadilly)
11. Blackwell -- Outside (Astro)
12. Jimmy Jukebox -- Motor Boat (Chattahoochee)
13. Mike Lucie -- Twelve Hour Man (Ruby)
14. The Catalinas -- The Coco Cherry Mash (The Chase Candy Company)
15. The Moon Rakers -- I'm All Right (Tower)
16. Lenny Williams -- Feelin' Blue (Galaxy)
17. Mark Farner -- Down In The Valley (Lucky Eleven)
18. The Movers -- Leave Me Loose (123)
19. Roy Head -- Apple of My Eye (Back Beat)
20. Billy and Lilly and The Thunderbirds -- Baby You Don't Know (Crossroad)
21. Count & The Colony -- Say What You Think (SSS International)
22. Dee Jay and the Runaways -- Peter Rabbit (Smash)
23. The Cherry Slush -- I Cannot Stop You (USA)
24. Corporate Image -- Not Fade Away (MGM)
25. The Viceroys -- That Sound (Bolo)
26. Eternity's Children -- Rupert White (Tower)