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Inspired by a good belgian stew, Lowdjo & Harry poppins teamed up to bring you this finest of fine selections!


Baudelaire – harmonie du soir
Mokira – the bum that will bring us together
Chris connelly – an accident in scottish wilderness
Skallander – future life (muriel tsains mix)
Atlas sound – recent bedroom
Beck – feather in your cap
Folk implosion – lo-fi suicide
Leafcutter john – seba
Shepherd – collected householdcutting
Xela – danse macabre
Astrobotnia III – untitled (a1)
Mount kimbie – william
Bästard – RnR star
Luan Moe – elephant dragon
Sin fang bous – advent in ives garden
Benoit pioulard – fir
Khonnor – burning palace
Bibio – lovers carvings
Norbert weedloaf – dock
Bonjour didier mairy – when marti Left
Fonoda – silence means disease
Ceiling stars – terrible two
Morgan caney / kamal joory – darling (violon by charlotte hillier)
Black dice - Knite crème
Mouse on mars – actionist respoke
The crooked spoke – black tower hotel
Dorian concept – two dimensional
Wim mertens / Soft verdict – the fosse
Elliot sharp – tectonics: field & stream / track 2
Otto von schirach – pukology A.side

Get your stew right here!

All recorded at Umbrelladelika records headquarters on a sunny 26/08/09


Lowdjo LIVE @ 'Waterdicht' by UBD

A little bit over a month ago i recorded my set at Le Café Central in Brussels. The event was organised by UmBrellaDelika records as part of the "Waterdicht"-series..

My whole set, over 4 hours, is online.. streamable and downloadable!!

Lowdjo's complete set at "Waterdicht" by UBD @ Le Café Central - 18.07.09 by Lowdjo Live

I also wrote some comments about the tracks and which tracks were played..



Blog update!

Hellow all, just a quick note.. i just finished updating my blog with quite a lot of my favourite links in blogworld.. Next to that i finally joined Last.fm, so if you're into that..? become a friend, HERE!

I also made a webalbum with a lot of pictures.. Check it out!


Acid Fuzz Rock

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, one of the most famous festivals for 60s psychedelic rock music. That was 1969, so what came next? Psychedelic rock went off in a few directions during the 70s.

One was towards proggy "jam sessions" fueled by who knows what (e.g. Grateful Dead, etc). I generally found that branch a little boring but prog music was still interesting because it broke down a lot of common rock structures. Next came the psychedelic metal: The Gun, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, etc. Another prog sound developed where heavily acid driven bands like The Flock started using horns, flutes, violins, and anything they could think of to sound more "out there." If you ignore the ridiculous circus song that for some reason was obligatory on every one of these band's LPs then this made for some pretty interesting landscapes: the kind of song where halfway through it you are no longer sure what time it is or what you've been doing for the past 20 minutes and you wonder why the room suddenly seems larger. Then there was the softer folk branch, the jazz and R&B crossovers, et cetera.

Here's a little comp I put together that samples a few different directions that psychedelic rock went in the late 60s and early 70s. Enjoy!

Yours, DJ Bylamplight.

download zip of mp3s

Track listing:

Lighthouse -- The Flock
Suite in C -- McDonald & Giles
Sma Lätta Moln -- Pugh
Hole In My Pocket -- The Barry Goldberg Reunion
That's Life -- Nektar
Rytm Ziemi -- Czerwone Gitary
Coda -- Czerwone Gitary
It Won't Be Long (Heartbeat) -- The Gun
Suite Delirium -- Puzzle
Leo Rising -- Ronnie Montrose
I'm a Man -- The Serfs
Trillium -- The Youngbloods

P.S. Check out Phrock's Woodstock tribute for more psychedelia.

(cover photo by Christian Javan)

Dj SickSickSick

Introducing.. Dj SickSickSick, who made a nice improvisation just using buddha-machines:

and a dreamy drony psych mix:

muslimgauze - azzazzin
bear bones lay low - lochness
les vampyrettes - bio-mutanten
group douheh - tazif kalifa
fennesz - endless summer
pink floyd - interstellar overdrive
excepter - sunrise
gang gang dance - revival of the shittest
entrance - grim reaper blues
animal collective - who could win a rabbit
harmonia - de luxe (immer wieder)
tuxedomoon - annuncialto
carolina - ?
individual - paths of glory
jazkamer the worms will get in
object - symbolic 2
silk saw - no twists no turns
the vanishing voice - nordic visions
foals - oceanus
the velvet underground - venus in furs

Psychin in the land of wonder by Dj SickSickSick