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Majestic Coal Chute No. 4

Hey all, happy Thanksgiving. Here's part four of the Majestic Coal Chute series, a collection I put together mostly from 45s nabbed down in Texas on a recent trip. Part one gets into some heavy, mindbending 70s psych, part two revs it up with some slamming 60s garage, part three again is screeching garage rock, and finally this last one cools it down with some off-center pop tunes from the 60s and 70s as well as some softer psych and folk numbers. Phew, that's nearly four hours of music. Download, press play, and enjoy the feast!

Download Majestic Coal Chute No. 4 (zip of mp3s)

1. The Lonesome Rhodes -- The Delight of My Day
2. The California Gold Rush -- Let's Get It On Today
3. Picketywitch -- Maybe We've Been Loving Too Long
4. The Messengers -- Hard Hard Year
5. The Empty Set -- Tomorrow Is A Long Time
6. Bonnie Dobson -- I Got Stung
7. Fountain of Youth -- Day Don't Come
8. The Fabulous Royals -- She Told Me
9. Jerry Sharell -- It'll Never Happen Again
10. Rockin Robin Roberts -- Maryann
11. Ivan and The Sabers -- Just Let Her Go
12. The Thyme -- Very Last Day
13. The Thyme -- Love To Love
14. Honey Ltd. -- Tomorrow Your Heart
15. Honey Ltd. -- Come Down
16. The Robbs -- Last of The Wine
17. The Robbs -- Written In The Dust
18. Cliff Richard & The Shadows -- Time Drags By
19. The Cindermen -- True Love
20. The Empty Set -- Early Mornin' Rain
21. Ivan and The Sabers -- It's Not Like You

Majestic Coal Chute No. 3

As a follow-up to parts one and two, here's another collection of scorching 60s garage tunes, mostly from a recent digging excursion down in Austin, Texas. Part four is on the way! Due to the holidays it may or may not arrive in time for the big feast. If not, check back on Black Friday. Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow yankees. Let the giving begin...

Download Majestic Coal Chute No. 3 (zip of mp3s)

1. The "You Know Who" Group -- Playboy
2. The Bonniwell Music Machine -- Bottom of the Soul
3. Al's Untouchables -- Come On Baby
4. Tongue & Groove -- Mailman's Sack
5. The Barons -- Now You're Mine
6. Cirkit -- Yesterday We Laughed
7. The Animals -- Inside-Looking Out
8. The Mustangs -- Baby Let Me Take You Home
9. The Fabulous Royals -- At The Dance
10. Link Wray -- Jack The Ripper
11. The One Way Streets -- Jack The Ripper
12. The One Way Streets -- We All Love Peanut Butter
13. The Rondels -- Back Beat No. 1
14. The Balloon Farm -- A Question of Temperature
15. The Blue Chips -- Where
16. The Ballantraes -- Baby Jane
17. The Equals -- Baby, Come Back
18. The Equals -- Hold Me Closer
19. Cirkit -- I Was Wrong
20. The Zoo -- Where Have All The Good Times Gone?
21. The Zoo -- She Said, She Said Good Day Sunshine


Majestic Coal Chute No. 2

Thankful for old records? Me too. I'm giving back all week so mark your calendar and keep an eye on Liquid D. Today's installment is the follow-up to Majestic Coal Chute No. 1, this time getting into heavy teener garage rocker territory. You'll notice there are a few massive cuts off the elusive Garage Greats reissue label (each one links to the label's myspace page). Grab these 45s now! The originals are long gone and the reissues won't be around for much longer either. Next part in the Majestic series drops tomorrow.

Download Majestic Coal Chute No. 2

1. The Social Outkasts -- Mad
2. The Chartbusters -- She's The One
3. The Blue Chips -- Keep Looking For Love
4. The Triumphs -- You Gotta Dance
5. The New Breed -- Green Eye'd Woman
6. Royal Flairs -- Suicide
7. Noblemen -- Dirty Robber
8. Sammy Jay and the Tiffineers -- You're Driving Me Insane
9. Link Wray -- Bo Diddley
10. Royal Flairs -- One Pine Box
11. The Shocking Blue -- Venus
12. The Leaves -- Get Out of My Life Woman
13. Human Beings -- I Can Tell
14. J.C. Horton -- You Are Love
15. Bunky & Jake -- Big Boy Pete
16. Bunky & Jake -- If I Had A Dream
17. Al's Untouchables -- Stick Around
18. James T. And The Workers -- That Is All
19. The "You Know Who" Group -- My Love (Roses Are Red)
20. Noblemen -- Forever Lonely
21. Jake Holmes -- Think I'm Being Had
22. James T. And The Workers -- Who Can I Turn To

Yours, DJ Bylamplight


Majestic Coal Chute No. 1

It's nearly time for Thanksgiving here in the USA and that means your pal DJ Bylamplight is giving you something to be thankful for: another successful digging excursion down in Texas! What follows is a four part series of digitized 45 compilations disseminated one per day just in time for the holiday feast.

The first one covers hard and heavy psychedelic hitters from the depths of the 70s, opening with a lysergic spiral of neurons, Dark Part of my Mind. But this is just the beginning; it's going to be one massive box set so keep an eye on Liquid D.

Download Majestic Coal Chute No. 1 (zip of mp3s)

1. Crazy Elephant -- Dark Part of My Mind
2. Brotherhood -- Jump Out The Window
3. The Status Quo -- Pictures of Matchstick Men
4. Arthur Lee -- You Want Change For Your Re-Run
5. 49th Blue Streak -- Fire
6. 49th Blue Streak -- Foxy Lady
7. The Shocking Blue -- Hot Sand
8. The Bubble Puppy -- Hot Smoke & Sasafrass
9. Sorce -- Courthouse Masacre
10. The Night Shift -- After The Lights Go Out
11. Colosseum -- Those Who Are About To Die, Salute You
12. Colosseum -- Walking In The Park
13. The Bubble Puppy -- Lonely
14. Solicitors -- Acid
15. Ten Wheel Drive With Genya Ravan -- I Am A Want Ad
16. Ten Wheel Drive With Genya Ravan -- Eye of the Needle
17. Five By Five -- Fire
18. Five By Five -- Hang Up
19. Sorce -- Tomorrow Won't See Me

Yours, DJ Bylamplight