Majestic Coal Chute No. 4

Hey all, happy Thanksgiving. Here's part four of the Majestic Coal Chute series, a collection I put together mostly from 45s nabbed down in Texas on a recent trip. Part one gets into some heavy, mindbending 70s psych, part two revs it up with some slamming 60s garage, part three again is screeching garage rock, and finally this last one cools it down with some off-center pop tunes from the 60s and 70s as well as some softer psych and folk numbers. Phew, that's nearly four hours of music. Download, press play, and enjoy the feast!

Download Majestic Coal Chute No. 4 (zip of mp3s)

1. The Lonesome Rhodes -- The Delight of My Day
2. The California Gold Rush -- Let's Get It On Today
3. Picketywitch -- Maybe We've Been Loving Too Long
4. The Messengers -- Hard Hard Year
5. The Empty Set -- Tomorrow Is A Long Time
6. Bonnie Dobson -- I Got Stung
7. Fountain of Youth -- Day Don't Come
8. The Fabulous Royals -- She Told Me
9. Jerry Sharell -- It'll Never Happen Again
10. Rockin Robin Roberts -- Maryann
11. Ivan and The Sabers -- Just Let Her Go
12. The Thyme -- Very Last Day
13. The Thyme -- Love To Love
14. Honey Ltd. -- Tomorrow Your Heart
15. Honey Ltd. -- Come Down
16. The Robbs -- Last of The Wine
17. The Robbs -- Written In The Dust
18. Cliff Richard & The Shadows -- Time Drags By
19. The Cindermen -- True Love
20. The Empty Set -- Early Mornin' Rain
21. Ivan and The Sabers -- It's Not Like You

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