Give'm enough cheese vol2

That's right!
Shepherd and Dr Green Cheese are back with one of their homebrewed DJmixes!

Dr Green Cheese & Shepherd - give'm enough cheese vol2 (ricotta y parmesan spezial) by Umbrelladelika records

dark abstract hiphop and beyond


Kassian troyer – plantshift
Phase one – confessio amantis
The Gaslamp killer – ruskie electric
Shubtle – frascet kycier
Dimlite & il dubio – searching it
Kadah/vresky – bill kedzupper
Herrmutt lobby - archi carpenter
Flying lotus – auntie’s lock (ft life force trio)
Like a tim – sos
Nadsroic – step back (instr)
Bästard – R’N’R’ star
Dj bylamplight & Rev. Bob Sinewave – Telephasic Explosion (Boards of Canada, diverse, lyrics born)
Deework – message error
Herrmutt lobby – ghost roller
The gaslamp killer – anything worse
The beat konducta – rumble
Hawd gankstuh rappuhs mc’s wid ghatz & leon sphinkx – “hello don’t be afraid”
Dorian concept – when planets explode
The gaslamp killer – ruskie electric
Egon fisk – fatkid with limpleg
Spectre – stone
The Gaslamp Killer – Baiafro
Cupp cave – herrmutt
Madvillain – accordion
Two fingers – keman rythm
Bretzel zoo – shugaring embed baywatch
Fünkstorung – appetite for destruction lp
Shepherd – wack.a.fange
Non + herrmutt lobby – knockknock
Dalt wisney – r2fux

Recorded octobre 10th 2009 using vinyl & cd
@ Umbrelladelika HQ
Enjoying a homemade ricotta y parmesan lasagna
and an exquisit bottle of bubbles
Will there ever be enough cheese? one might ask

download it here

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