Dr Green Cheese & Shepherd present Give'm enough cheese vol I

That's right!
Shep & Cheez bring u this unique mix of old hiphop, fierce mutant grime, wonky offbeat and heavy bass!

Shepherd vs Dr. Green Cheese :: Give'm enough cheese! vol1 by Umbrelladelika records


Back & forth – reciprocating motion
Soundwaves – japanese flute (dj food rmx)
Hidden agenda – work
Amon tobin – the marine machine
Dorian concept – freehanded monkey
Luke vibert – clikclik
Herrmutt lobby – snurffels deluxe
Débruit - pointy
Danny breaks & dj adlib – the sound
Tipper - run for cover
Filastine ft. jessika skeletalia, kenny vs l3arbee & l na – splinter faction delight
Madvillain – figaro
Cupp cave – palm tree beach
Madlib -Beat konducta (7” / a1)
Blackboard jungle ft. jah dan – subatomic sound respect the foundation rmx
Xberg dihrty6 cru - Die wichtigkeit
Epryhme – shomer salaam
Sonar calibrado - alesh (feat jawad)
Eprhyme feat. Nomy Lamm – punklezmerap
Ghislain poirier feat. Beans - cold as hell
Gameboy - Tipsy vs galang
Sonar Calibrado - os assassinos
Baleine 3000 – pompier
Genghis clan – saudade de ex
Ghislain poirier – wha-la-la-leng feat Face-T
Xburn dhirty 6cru - raststätte (driver version)
Bambam babylon bajash – beer sniffin
Enduser – line 47 rmx: vishnu’s eastern block
Flying lotus & declaime – keep it moving
Floating points – for you
Debruit - gros
Funki porcini



Dr. Green Cheese said...

Mmmmm, lovin' that cheese!!

kumar said...

Ah, the cheese identity, revealed! :) I also liked your other Cheese One mix with the excellent Gaslamp Killer picks.

Dr. Green Cheese said...

thank you kumar.. i'm honoured to be featured on this blog, i've been following for about a year now. will record more and send to you guys! thank you, thank you!

Yes, yes.. gaslamp is beautiful!!

kumar said...

Not to stray too far off topic but everybody reading this needs to pick up All Killer, a recent DJ mix by Gaslamp Killer using No. 1 - 20 of the Finders Keepers reissues. http://www.accesshiphop.com/store/?itemid=17927 It's an excellent way to enjoy their back catalog. If not familiar with the label, it specializes in psychedelic B-movie library music, i.e. the roots of hip hop :)

Lowdjo said...

Yesss, know the label.. they've been putting out some strange music. Any chance of posting the mix on here?