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New Beat originated in Belgium and gained worldwide exposure briefly in the late nineteen eighties as all eyes in the worlds then fledgling dance community homed in to Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels. Characteristically New Beat tracks were between 95 bpm and 115 bpm. Tracks were often repetitive with heart stopping bass and explosive percussion.
Originally the style was started by accident as DJ Marc Grouls played the maxi version of "flesh" by A Split Second at 33rpm instead of 45rpm. Ronnie Harmsen (Fat Ronnie) was the originator when he then began to spin Maxi Singles at 33rpm instead of the stated 45rpm in several Antwerp clubs. People liked the slowed down versions and the scene was born. Influenced by this slowed down sound musicians started making records which were spun at clubs in the Belgian region. ...
Yet to this day this style is still not given any real praise from the dance community and has been ignored and virtually forgotten. No creative value has been placed on this music. Whereas you see classic acid nights and techno nights you seldom see any New Beat nights.
New Beat was the sound of Belgium between 1987 and 1990 and was at the cutting edge of creativity in electronic music at that time alongside the much lauded scenes in Detroit and Chicago. It holds a special place in in the minds of those who were touched by the sound. ...

Info from http://brainwashed.com/vvm/micro/benelux/

"Once we created New-Beat, we were a part of the DJ's who realised that Belgium is the centre of Europe's dance music. What we couldn't forsee was, that the name New-Beat would become one of the most misused names. At the moment 75% of the records brought out today have nothing to do with New-Beat, they only use the name for commercial and money purposes.

So we state once more, New-Beat is atmosphere, beats no lyrics, and sure as hell not commercial !!! " Marc Grouls and Olivier Pieters 1989.

THAMAN - a tribute to boccaccio

THAMAN - the empire of the new beat

CHRISSY MURDERBOT - new beat mix tape side A

CHRISSY MURDERBOT - new beat mix tape side B

SUN PAPA 3000 - The sound of Belgium in 1988

And something extra that just came popping up:
The fresh released VA - 20 Years Of New Beat (2CD)



Here's the artwork: front and back


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