Journey To The Center of Psychedelic Mountain

A comp of a few acid folk, psych, and other odd records I've been finding recently. Yours, DJ Bylamplight.

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Freedom Bird -- B. J. Keller & The Thymes
Until Then -- Tresa Leigh
Love Is A Beautiful Thing -- Sound System
Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart -- Patrik Fitzgerald
Paralyzed -- The Legendary Stardust Cowboy
Chegada -- Joyce
Devil On The Radio -- Eugene Chadbourne
Chokin' My Chicken -- Roy Waldrup
Lonesome Finds Me -- Lloyd Arnold
Half Past The End -- The Smoke
Jericho Jerk -- Pierre Henry
Amanecer -- Pic Nic
Twinkle Talk -- The Sixpentz
Don't Take The Night Away -- Pleasure
Nobody Is Gonna Turn Us Round Part One -- The Brothers and Sisters
Imagination -- The Cherry People
No Not Much -- The Smoke Ring
You Don't Know -- Sound System

Illustration by Richard McMillan, 1966


Harry's selection :: Plump & perky♦



Cyril Neville - Gossip
Midiot - Will you walk a little faster
Squarepusher - the coathanger
Fugazi - break
Egon Fisk - Urge vomitrax
Dorian concept - i'm glad that things happen
Last step - haha waffles
Thiaz Itch - Binjoum
Tidy Kid - Angehupft
Sloy - Eat your toy
Tim exile - Iseminov
Filaria - Lurghan Park 99
Sunken Foal - retract
Portishead - Nlon smile
Automatic tasty - sines&symbols
Matmos - Mister mouth
Tipper - flat ripple
Harry Poppins - Happy toys
Batfinks - Shamalaalaa

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Dark Easter Drone by Lowdjo

Recorded on Easter Sunday..
steffen basho junghans - waters (part II)
walter carlos - timesteps
silk saw - commedia
fenn'o'berg - riding again
alessandro stefana - poste e telegrafi blues ft. mark ribot
suicide - frankie teardrop, the detective meets the space alien (1976 demo)
audiostore & eavesdropper - time code matter (edit)
esther venrooij - shift coordinate points
glenn branca - hallucination city
implog - holland tunnel dive
vvv - incredible criminals
ike yard - a dull life
einstürzende neubauten - tanz debil
alien sex fiend - wish i woz a dog
non - cruenta voluptas
throbbing gristle - whorle of sound


Soft Light Thru My Window

DJ Bylamplight presents ...

Soft Light Thru My Window (mp3)

Tonda Trio -- Soul Scuba 95
Aloe Blacc -- About Love Remix
Stereolab -- Kybernetická Babicka Pt. 1
Candy Animals -- Oh, Gasoline Girl
Little Dragon -- Fortune
Lettuce -- King of the Burgs
The Selecter -- Last Tango In Dub
Sharon Jones -- How Long Do I Have To Dub For You
Belgradeyard Sound System -- A Poor Man's Supper
Caural -- Krylon Psychology
Isotope 217 -- New Beyond
Warmdesk -- Pole Drift
Crystal Stilts -- Converging In The Quiet
Ethan Azarian -- Aliens