Bass Teaser by Lowdjo


mostar sevdah reunion - sto li mi se rodobolja muti
dj zhao - balwinder safri - karve da din / 2562 - basin dub
rod lee - let me see what u workin' with (rustie rmx)
monkey steak - lighthouse dub
kaman leung - inquietude
rogue state ft. sizzla - turn it up
istari lasterfahrer - bang soundboy
richie spice - burnin' (dz simpletonne refix)
6blocc - warning
babysham - medieval gezza
ale fillman - nightmare
cotti - darthvader anthem
cardopusher - steppin' worldwide
clouds - too much
6blocc - watch diss
stenchman - dubnet
chase & status - saxon
stenchman - the mong song
bar 9 - shaolin style
foreign beggars vs rouge a levres - hit that gash (dj primecuts itchy naaan re-rub)
schlachthofbronx - we nah fraid (baby cham & demarco)
rusko - hammertime
dubchild - war 4x4
zomby - fuck mixing, let's dance
borgore - kinder surprise
high rankin - the airloom
ultra black - elephaunt
borgore - guided relaxation dub

Download (98m - 134mb - 192kbps)


Harry's selection :: touch & gone

Inklings about the demise of venerable indie label Touch and Go have been floating around the blogosphere for the past few days, and today the situation became clearer: Time Out Chicago is reporting the record label, which has been operating out of Chicago since 1983, will fold its manufacturing and distribution wing, and carry on as a free-standing indie label.

taken from :: CHIRP

As a tribute to one of the best Labels around, i've made a 1 hour mix of Touch&Go's most inspiring releases. Growing up with these postrock/mathrock/whatever-you-wanna-call-it-rockbands, i felt the uncontrolable urge to compile my all-time favorites and share them with you!

scratch acid - el espectro
polvo - feather of forgiveness
the ex - fistful of feed
blonde redhead - futurism vs passéism
slint - pat
jesus lizard - mouth breader
rapeman - up beat
big black - ldopa
killdozer - the nobbies
shellac - il porno star
the ex - it's a sin
blonde redhead - 10
new wet kojack - stick out your tongue
slint - washer
juneof44 - cut yr face
polvo - tragic carpet ride
rachel's - 3:36

All tracks Touch&Go and Quarterstick records

87mb 63:45min 192kbps Mp3

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re-post: Comphuzed000

To continue in the dark mood, set by c9 aka Ancient Delay
a mix i did in january 2007 dedicated to the spirit of comphusion, "comphuzed000"
another trip through winter darkness...

bear bones lay low, burning star core, bernard parmegiani, earth, zbigniew karkowski, brute nature vs wild magic, individual, plurient, earth, shadowman sfx, boris, abelcain, caspar brötzmann, muslimgauze, big black, jazkamer, walter carlos, ike yard, coffee/pissing contest, throbbing gristle, judy nylon, baroque bordello, steven r. smith



hello all!
my first add to the blog is a dark one, but very eclectic
so a lot of chance there is some stuff inside this mix you might like


download here(sendspace link)

64MIN32SEC 147MB 320kB/s-44kHz

pink floyd -alan's psychedelic breakfast
earth -coda maestoso in f (flat) minor (autechre remix)
growing -afterglow
project divinity -gathering dusk
beherit -e-scape
alva noto -module 8
kraftwerk -strom
earth -left in the desert
ain soph -honorii ponteficis evocatio
asgaya gigagae-the decline before the dream
boris -blackout
sickoakes -driftwood
aphex twin -flim (andrew flanders acoustic version)
tool -intension
venetian snares + hecate -hymen tramp choir
wolf eyes -slicer track1
masonna -eat maggot
sunn o))) -cursed realms (of the winterdemons)
sunn o))) -sin nanna


♦Cnuff.L - live PA @ M'atuvu, Brussels♦

Cnuff.l is Egon Fisk (Acroplane.org) and Harry Poppins (UBD records). This 40min liveset was recorded at M'atuvu on January the 28th 2009.
This fine mix is a wonderful journey through improv ambient and harry&egon's own (more dubsteppish) productions!

Click here!

You can find more of Egon's stuff at http://www.acroplane.org or http://www.myspace.com/icteder
and Harry's stuff: http://www.myspace.com/harrpoppins

Cnuff.L has no myspace, no website, just one release on Umbrelladelika's first compilation Drops

Order here! info@umbrelladelika.com


DJ Bylamplight presents: No TV

Somewhere on the Net I found A Tribute To Some Bizarre, an ambitious effort to digitize the most bizarre electronic punk vinyl in eight parts. This totals more than seven hours of music and took me three months to digest. Besides having a lame title I'd say there are many weak songs in the collection; I managed to pull all the ones I really liked into a one hour comp. The result: some of the most twisted no wave and post punk I've ever heard. In the original spirit of the first comp, please share this with everyone you know!

(photo by adustyfairytale)

Download No TV

Tracklist (song, artist):

The Poet -- Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons
Fortschritt -- Hirnheimer
Mechante Souris -- Ninove
Fred der Ritter -- Vono
Black Souls Under White Skies (DEMO) -- Bill Pritchard
Je Veux Ma Mamam -- Bene Gesserit
Love is Like Violence -- Ted Milton
Studieren -- Teja Schmitz
Das Vodkalied -- Pankow
TV Addict -- Last Man In Europe
T.V.O.D. -- Nejet Nok
Italian Robots -- N.O.I.A.
Nattens Drömmar -- Nasa
Dresden -- 20:20 System
Agentes -- Agentss
Whom Do I Have to Ask -- Lemon Kittens
Tempus Fugit -- Tara Cross
Emperor Song -- The Neutronics
It never rains in outer space -- Futurhythm

Yours, DJ Bylamplight



timeblind - desperado moves
kamal leung - let go
burial -archangel (phaseone rmx)
mr lizard / uberdog & kyma - grim dubs 4
maga bo ft. max normal - homeboys
harmonic 313 - dirtbox
timeblind - 4 acres, 20 mules
modeselektor - the black box (rustie rmx)
maga bo ft. mohammed issa matona - siri ya pendu langu
filastine ft. rabah - b'talla
dj c ft. e-40 & shabba ranks - ghost woman
jah dan blakkamoore / matt shadetek - nice green
a made up sound - density
kid606 - you can't stop a stepper
neil landstrumm ft. carlton killawatt - shit daddy bass

Download sl0wdj0b (1h02m -- 86mb)


Alceu Valença - Espelho Cristalino (Brazilian folk rock)


Intense Brazilian folk rock from 1977, goes well with caffeinated beverages. I've got some more Brazilian albums on the way so check back often.

Yours, DJ Bylamplight


Dubberdub two

..and part two..

Dubberdub two

cluekid - frogs on acid
headhunter - drop the waste
m2j - pacman's revenge
the antiserum - top shottas
aku-fen - infection and war
cardopusher - double dragon
two fingers / sway - what you know (emalkay rmx)
6blocc - boom
hd4000 - move way
kulture - rotten
filastine - hungry ghosts
sub swara - inshallah (ghislain poirier rmx)
sub swara - belgrade riddim (dj c rmx)
hd4000 - fake wrekkidz
send fi mi army vs oskilatah
warren g ft. nate dogg - regulate (starkey rmx)

Download (mediafire) 63min - 90mb

Dubberdub one

More, more, more dubsteppers!!

Dubberdub one:

spatial - 70707
rossi b and luca - enemy
mordant music - olde wobbly
nebulla & dj dore ft. czar black - gettin' doe rmx
cyrus - silence
virus syndicate - apollo (various production rmx)
aku-fen - don't joke with your life
sub swara - yeah (ina dravidian bombstep - heyoka rmx)
little boots - meddle (joker rmx)
rsd - depend (rokas)
stenchman - the number one
6blocc - shine u gun (instrumental dub)
1' - fire now (re-amped version ft. bunji garlin)
kulture - babylon
sharmaji & dj boo - skank ethics
original rudeboy - alton ellis vs kromestar (luisao bootleg)
ruckspin vs quark & planas - anger
mindlab - posrednik
sdm - one blood (aim sdmdnbf)
marchmellow (dub & run) - young folks dub
version big-fi vs feral - dskasting
caspa - floor dem
mungo's hi-fi - deep water
outrun - 8 bit spliff
6blocc - the burning dub

NEW LINK!!! Download (megaupload) 1h32m -- 126mb