Os Mutantes - Os Mutantes (1968)

One of our favourite bands from Brazil with their self-titled debut.. Tropicalia at its best!



Lowdjo - Free Five 2008


free five -- february 2008:

peter green - witches (macbeth ost)
brute nature vs wild magic - stay wild child
kopernik - ondoyant et divers
john fahey - hard time empty bottle blues 2
the vanishing voice - eideltrout
shawn david mcmillen - noon
taralie dawn - n.o.
wooden wand & the vanishing voice - rot on
af ursin - capsule détachée
steven r. smith - paths in the bower
black dice - treetops
oneida - prehistoric maze
badawi - tired soldiers
six organs of admittance - the school of the flower
deerhoof - bone-dry
bardo pond - white turban (the traveller)
sonic youth - tremens
cat power - come on in my kitchen
taralie dawn - piano cell

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Oblomow - Short Cuts

Our russian contributor has supplied us with another excellent mix, nicely divided into three parts.. enjoy!



deerhunter - wash off
deerhoof - wrong time capsule
lizzy mercier descloux - wawa


martin rev - temptation
pole - fragen
hu vibrational - born from the sea
badawi - enter the heretic
black dice - motorcycle
animal collective - who could win a rabbit
devendrita y las cachapas peludas - nina de pelo largo nadando (live in big sur)
cecil leuter - electronic track 12
the slits - earthbeat / wedding song
fellini - zum zum zazoeira
gang 90 - jack kerouac
wooden wand & the vanishing voice - spear of destiny


jing ting - the joke
the flying kylies - can't get money out of my head
shitmat - that goat's skull is no good for thirsty psy-trance workers
very impossible person - tangoman
dj scotch egg - bach II

grab all three parts on divshare.


Murcof vs H. Amezquita - C.I.D.I. (AR) - (2004)

We have another winner!
Yes, a new most popular download here on the ld-blog, murcof w/ cosmos (scroll down, for those who haven't tried it yet).
So we just uploaded this limited 3" cd-r (100 copies)...



Be Your Own Pet - Get Awkward (2008)

If you're into the sound of thrashy r'n'r girlz??? this is 'be your own pet's' second album, leaking all over the internet... official release is somewhere in march.