Farfisa Gravy Vol. 3

The savage 60s sound of screaming farfisas is back in a third volume! For the full face melting experience be sure sure to grab volume one and two. Volume three gets more into the gritty funkier side of garage but it still has some burners.

Yours, DJ Bylamplight

Farfisa Gravy Vol. 3

1. Small Faces -- I Can't Dance With You
2. The Jerms -- Not At All
3. Big Brother and the Holding Company -- Down On Me
4. Underground Sunshine -- Don't Shut Me Out
5. The Four Challengers -- Love Me When You Can
6. Tidal Waves -- Farmer John
7. The Bossmen -- On The Road
8. Vinnie Basile -- Girl
9. The Wylde Main-iacs -- Why Ain't Love Fair
10. The Sheep -- Twelve Months Later
11. The Dynatones -- The Fife Piper
12. The Farlanes -- Doctor Fonebone
13. The Bad Boys -- Black Olives
14. The Cavemen -- A Small World
15. Chris Morgan & The Togas -- There She Goes
16. Little John -- Black Winds
17. The Abstracts -- Smell of Incense
18. The Wicked -- The Spider and the Fly

Cover art by Saucy Salad