The Children's Hour EP (Josephine Foster, Andy Bar)

Amazing little folk EP recorded in St. Gregory's church, Chicago, 2002. These songs are bigger than life and full of emotion. Ripped here at a full 320kpbs so you can enjoy the acoustics of the church.

Download The Children's Hour EP


Charlie Cooper, you will be missed

With a heavy heart, I'd like to pay my respects to Charlie Cooper who passed away on Jan 22, 2009. Charlie was one half of the Chicago electronic duo, Telefon Tel Aviv. Their latest album, Immolate Yourself (available from iTunes, DRM-free) on BPitch Control, was another addition to their excellent discography that explores ambient electronic sounds with subtle vocals and sometimes classic arrangements (string orchestras, etc). For anyone who was in Chicago through the Play @ Danny's or Weekend Record days, or still in the city today, Charlie was sure to make an impression on their lives, if not through sight then through sound.

Josh posted his own heartfelt goodbye on their myspace blog.

- DJ Bylamplight


balkanism-mini-mix by Oblomow

heroj tito (josip slavenski)
80000 - untitled
mostar sevdah reunion - sto li mi se rodobolja muti
zona zimfirova - pobegulja
riblja corba - pekar, lekar, apoteker
azra - tko to tamo pjeva
prljavo kazaliste - sretno dijete
bijelo dugme - zazmiri i broj do sto
pankrti - lublana je bulana

download -- 22:29 -- 31mb


EZ Does It Ska

DJ Bylamplight drops the ska / jazz tunes as part three of the EZ Does It series, right behind the dub and rocksteady themes. The groove surface is pretty rough on some of these but, alas, it's near impossible to find clean 45s from Jamaica these days.

Download EZ Does It Ska (ZIP of mp3s)

Track listing:

Roland Alphonso -- El Pussy Cat Ska
Skatalites -- Timothy
Skatalites -- Gumma
Lord Bryner -- Tiger In Your Tank
Baba Brooks -- Faberge
Don Drummonds -- Reload
Roland Alphonso -- Blow Roland Blow
Derrick Morgan -- Fat Man
Derrick Morgan -- I'm Gonna Leave You
Lynn Tait and Tommy McCook with the Supersonics -- The Yellow Basket
Roy Shirley -- Good Ambition (prod. Byron Lee)
Desmond Dekker & Roland Alphonso -- Jungle Bit
Desmond Dekker -- Honour Your Mother & Father
Desmond Dekker -- Maggie
Clue J. & The Blues Blasters -- Little Willie
Hugh Hendricks & The Buccaneers -- Mistic Blue (Part 1)
Hugh Hendricks & The Buccaneers -- Mistic Blue (Part 2)
Judge Dread -- Big Eight


EZ Does It Dub

Ahh, the elusive dub side ... often tucked away on the B-side of a hit, appearing in only a few pressings, so fun to find these flips. Here's the dub side to EZ Does It Rocksteady which brings us to part two of DJ Bylamplight's reggae 7" series. Check back in a few days for part three, the ska comp!

Download EZ Does It Dub -- ZIP of MP3s

track listing:

Skin Flesh & Bones -- Yes I Am Ready
Judge Dread -- Mind The Doors
Upsetters -- Handy Cap
Observer -- Different Fashion
Byron Lee & The Dragonaires -- Love Is Blue
Byron Lee & The Dragonaires -- Elizabeth Serenade
Willy Royal -- General Alarm
Hippy Boys -- Dr. No Go
Neville Hinds -- Sunday Gravy
Lone Ranger -- Rose Marie
Charley & Euda -- Stroking
Charley Ace -- DUB-302
King Tubby and The Aggrovators -- A Dancing Roots Version
Roo's Radics Band (mispelled on label) -- Chart
Dellinger -- Donkey Bine
Roots Radics Band -- Diseases (Version)
Roots Radics Band -- Ice Cream Love (Version)
Buster Brown -- Prisoner of Love (dub)


EZ Does It Rocksteady

DJ Bylamplight has put together a three part series of recently acquired reggae 7"s for us. First up is a rocksteady theme; check back in a day or two for some dub selections, then ska after that. Eeeeeaaazy does it.

Download EZ Does It Rocksteady - ZIP of mp3s

track list:

Gregory Isaacs -- Top Ten
Freddie McKay & The Soul Defenders -- Picture On The Wall
Delroy Wilson -- Have Some Mercy
Delroy Wilson -- Cool Operator
Desmond Dekker -- Sing A Little Song
Dennis Brown -- Money In My Pocket
Untouchables -- Tighten Up
Marcie Sampson -- Everyday You Give
John Holt -- Lady Love
Michegan & Smiley -- Diseases
Marvin Brooks -- Known Yourself
Desmond Dekker -- Sweet Music
Desmond Dekker & Roland Alphonso -- Mother Young Gal
Alton Ellis And The Flames -- I've Got A Date
Buster Brown -- Prisoner of Love
Carlene Davis -- Stealing Love On The Side
Harriott The Tellers -- A-ya-it-deh
David Isaacs -- Place In The Sun


Oblomow's Frozen Stolen Dubs

These mixes take you floating around the room and are the perfect way to get used to the low frequencies of dubstep, even if you're not a big fan of this genre these two recordings start off pretty minimal, almost ambient-like.. slowly changing into that known & familiar dubsound we love since the seventies and by the end of the second mix almost evolving to contemporary minimal-tech-house but always with this nice low frequency that keeps buzzing in your stomach and will lift you into ultimate relaxation, enjoy!

Oblomow's Frozen Stolen Dubs One - Tracklisting:

wagawaga - calm east
burial - endorphin
spatial - 80207
el gringo - dreamz
lhasslo - subway
mek - my crystal tea
starkey - time traveler
m83 - by the kiss
axxo - silver bullet
lhasslo - no sleep
trg - rave blues part 1
jack sparrow - for me
rsd - depend (lovas)
mek - mek me dweet
6blocc - genius of dub
axxo - mi-eyez

Download Stolen Frozen Dubs - Part One (mediafire - 192 kbps)


Oblomow's Frozen Stolen Dubs Two - Tracklisting:

yong - riddim of culture
hd4000 - let it shine
quantum soul - babylon i keep down
shackleton - el din (part one)
sub swara - koli stance
version big-fi vs new order - blue monday
pinch - midnight oil
t++ - audio1995#8
vindicatrix - private places (shackleton & mordant music rmx)
a made up sound - next
skream - if you know
headhunter - quanta
komonazmuk - bad apple

Download Oblomow's Frozen Stolen Dubs - Part Two (divshare - 192 kbps)

Oblomow's frozen garden


Phased Glacier No. 5

DJ Bylamplight has pillaged every shelf of his record collection and even borrowed a few records from the elusive Jamie Hodge to bring you a special live mix of "psychedelic phaser experiments," if you will. Headphone listening is recommended. Oh, and this is the first Liquid D. mix of two thousand o-nine, enjoy!

DJ Bylamplight - Phased Glacier No. 5

Phased Glacier No. 5 (right-click, save as)


Herb Pilhofer -- Sound 80
Koen Holtkamp -- Half Light
Iowa Ear Music -- Phase Leake
Moods For Flutes -- Get Over
Weather Report -- Non-Stop Home
La Verdad Desnuda -- Un Niño En El Basurero
Akira S Et As Garotas Que Erraram -- Eu Dirijo O
The Rammellzee -- Cheesy Lipstick
Suicide -- Cheree
The Slits -- Instant Hit
Atlas Sound -- Quarantined
Autechre -- Gantz Graf
Muziq -- Phi * 1 700 [U/V]
Daedelus -- Twist The Kids
Antipop Consortium -- Ghostlawns
Jon Hassell / Brian Eno -- Charm (Over "Burundi Cloud"")
Fripp & Eno -- Swastika Girls
The Natural Yogurt Band -- Lament For Piano

Mixed live in his living room, Jan 2009