Charlie Cooper, you will be missed

With a heavy heart, I'd like to pay my respects to Charlie Cooper who passed away on Jan 22, 2009. Charlie was one half of the Chicago electronic duo, Telefon Tel Aviv. Their latest album, Immolate Yourself (available from iTunes, DRM-free) on BPitch Control, was another addition to their excellent discography that explores ambient electronic sounds with subtle vocals and sometimes classic arrangements (string orchestras, etc). For anyone who was in Chicago through the Play @ Danny's or Weekend Record days, or still in the city today, Charlie was sure to make an impression on their lives, if not through sight then through sound.

Josh posted his own heartfelt goodbye on their myspace blog.

- DJ Bylamplight

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Lowdjo said...

Damn, didn't know about that, always loved their music.. yes, he'll be missed!!