Oblomow's Frozen Stolen Dubs

These mixes take you floating around the room and are the perfect way to get used to the low frequencies of dubstep, even if you're not a big fan of this genre these two recordings start off pretty minimal, almost ambient-like.. slowly changing into that known & familiar dubsound we love since the seventies and by the end of the second mix almost evolving to contemporary minimal-tech-house but always with this nice low frequency that keeps buzzing in your stomach and will lift you into ultimate relaxation, enjoy!

Oblomow's Frozen Stolen Dubs One - Tracklisting:

wagawaga - calm east
burial - endorphin
spatial - 80207
el gringo - dreamz
lhasslo - subway
mek - my crystal tea
starkey - time traveler
m83 - by the kiss
axxo - silver bullet
lhasslo - no sleep
trg - rave blues part 1
jack sparrow - for me
rsd - depend (lovas)
mek - mek me dweet
6blocc - genius of dub
axxo - mi-eyez

Download Stolen Frozen Dubs - Part One (mediafire - 192 kbps)


Oblomow's Frozen Stolen Dubs Two - Tracklisting:

yong - riddim of culture
hd4000 - let it shine
quantum soul - babylon i keep down
shackleton - el din (part one)
sub swara - koli stance
version big-fi vs new order - blue monday
pinch - midnight oil
t++ - audio1995#8
vindicatrix - private places (shackleton & mordant music rmx)
a made up sound - next
skream - if you know
headhunter - quanta
komonazmuk - bad apple

Download Oblomow's Frozen Stolen Dubs - Part Two (divshare - 192 kbps)

Oblomow's frozen garden

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