more mashed up craziness..

some more mashup's from the liquid dilemma vaults, featuring:

dj crook air w/khia serge gainsbourg - je t'aime ma pussy
enya vs prodigy - apeboy (lenlow's enyagy edit)
a plus d - $20 monday (m.i.a. vs new order)
richard x - i wanna dance with numbers
rude ass thinker - u can't touch this
the hood internet - girls just wanna fix up (dizzee vs cyndi)
the beatbox saboteurs - relax - pigs smoke nonstop
hrvatski - sucka
copycat- fade to pretty vacant (visage vs sex pistols vs the charlatans vs..)
jay-r - my other car is a beatle (beatles / armand van helden / l'trimm / ..)
cheekyboy - smells like compton (n.w.a. vs nirvana)
a plus d - close to konichiwa bitches (robyn vs the cure)
britney vs rihanna - don't stop gimme more
pharell vs a tribe called quest - can i kick it like that?
madonna vs kelis - holiday milkshake
dj c ft. 50 cent / lexie lee - i get women
divide & kreate - sabotage your head
yoda - star wars gangsta rap

get all this, right NOW!

Lowdjo's mashup mix is still online, HERE

tracklisting mashup mix


Mashing it up

Hey all, dug up some old Hip Hop mash-ups I did a while back. Enjoy, DJ Bylamplight.

The Mash: Cold Call Me (Lyrics Born over DJ Exile)


over Emanon, Emcees Like Me, which was the flip of this 12" single:

The Mash: Evelyn On The Bus (Busdriver over Dabrye)


over Dabrye's Evelyn, off the now hard to find Instrmntl album:

The Mash: Hello Life (Lyrics Born over Bus)


over some beat by Pole (as Bus).

Then, more recently, I mashed up some Zulu a capellas, when they were posted on mashit:

The Mash: Bob's Truth

Backed by Bob off Anthony Shake Shakir's Beat Shack, which samples:

The Mash: Spanish Nitelife


Eligh's Nitelife. Pretty hard to find but there's one here and here


Northern (Lamp) Lights

Hey! It's summertime and I put together a package of love for all of you out there to BBQ to. If you want to dance, you'll have to learn some Northern Soul moves from this guy:

Yours, DJ Bylamplight

Package of Love Pt. 1 -- The Dynamic Tints
Step By Step -- Maurice Jackson
I Can't Leave Your Love Alone -- Clarence Carter
People Sure Act Funny -- Arthur Conley
Makin' Up Time -- The Holidays
Here We Go Again -- J.J. Jackson
You're All I Need -- Bobby Bland
Don't Go Away -- Renaldo Domino
Rest Cue -- The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
Come On And Get It -- Joe Simon
I'm Happy Without You -- Ann Byers
Key To My Happiness -- The Moments
B-A-B-Y -- Carla Thomas
Soft Soul -- Afro Soul Review
Let's Try It Over Again -- Tommy Duncan
A Bit Of Soul -- McKinley Mitchell
Texas Woman -- Little Janice
Hold On Baby -- Sam Hawkins
It Hurts To Want It So Bad -- Mel and Tim
You're Gonna Want Me -- Bill Coday
Good Bye Baby -- Little Janice



Jimmy Blazzo's "Greaser"

Met a strange fellow at one of our shows who calls himself Jimmy Blazzo. Strange, strange man. I couldn't understand a word he was saying but he knew about the site and I think he wanted me to post the mix.

We're not quite sure what to make of it. It's definitely odd but you can dance to it. If you're into those "greaser" 50s school days records and you think The Shag is "totally cool" then it might just be for you. Thanks, Jimmy!

Sophisticated Boom Boom -- The Shangri-las
The Freeze -- Tony And Joe
Black Slacks -- The Sparkletons
Buzz Buzz Buzz -- Hollywood Flames
What 'Cha Gonna Do? -- Kuf-linx
Guitar In Orbit -- The Virtues
The Shag (It's Totally Cool) -- Billy Graves
Money -- Barrett Strong
Hey Little Girl -- Dee Clark
Sea Cruise -- Frankie Ford
Crazy -- Hollywood Flames
Hop Scotch Hop -- Jimmy Charles
The Fool -- Sanford Clark
Real Gone Hound Dog -- Chuck Higgins
Tortas -- Chuck Higgins
So Tough -- Kuf-linx
Rinky Dink -- Baby Cortez
I Would If I Could -- The Z-Debs
Tight Capris -- Jody Reynolds
Lonesome For A Letter -- Sanford Clark
Lonely Teardrops -- Jackie Wilson
Eighteen And A Bullet -- The Tamlins
Changing My Life For You -- The Z-Debs

download the Greaser mix


Turn On Your Lamplight Pt. 2

DJ Bylamplight's follow-up to part 1. Some heavy 60s Garage for all the shakers out there, enjoy!

Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On -- Tommy Adderley
Lotta Lotta Lovin' -- Tino & The Revlons
Heavy Music Pt. 1 -- Bob Seger
Bird Dog -- The Del Counts
Goodbye Babe -- The Castaways
Turn On Your Love Light -- The Misfits
Double Yellow Line -- The Music Machine
So Sad -- The Taboos
Exotic -- The Night Beats
Dragon Walk -- The Noblemen
Night Train -- The Viscounts
Bulldog -- The Fireballs
UFO -- Dudley & The Doo Rytes
Straight Jacket -- Gregory Dee and The Avanties
Haunted Castle -- The Kingsmen
Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White -- The Night Beats
I Just Don't Understand -- Tommy Adderley
Empty Heart -- The Deacons
The Crusher -- The Novas