Turn On Your Lamplight Pt. 2

DJ Bylamplight's follow-up to part 1. Some heavy 60s Garage for all the shakers out there, enjoy!

Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On -- Tommy Adderley
Lotta Lotta Lovin' -- Tino & The Revlons
Heavy Music Pt. 1 -- Bob Seger
Bird Dog -- The Del Counts
Goodbye Babe -- The Castaways
Turn On Your Love Light -- The Misfits
Double Yellow Line -- The Music Machine
So Sad -- The Taboos
Exotic -- The Night Beats
Dragon Walk -- The Noblemen
Night Train -- The Viscounts
Bulldog -- The Fireballs
UFO -- Dudley & The Doo Rytes
Straight Jacket -- Gregory Dee and The Avanties
Haunted Castle -- The Kingsmen
Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White -- The Night Beats
I Just Don't Understand -- Tommy Adderley
Empty Heart -- The Deacons
The Crusher -- The Novas


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