Northern (Lamp) Lights

Hey! It's summertime and I put together a package of love for all of you out there to BBQ to. If you want to dance, you'll have to learn some Northern Soul moves from this guy:

Yours, DJ Bylamplight

Package of Love Pt. 1 -- The Dynamic Tints
Step By Step -- Maurice Jackson
I Can't Leave Your Love Alone -- Clarence Carter
People Sure Act Funny -- Arthur Conley
Makin' Up Time -- The Holidays
Here We Go Again -- J.J. Jackson
You're All I Need -- Bobby Bland
Don't Go Away -- Renaldo Domino
Rest Cue -- The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
Come On And Get It -- Joe Simon
I'm Happy Without You -- Ann Byers
Key To My Happiness -- The Moments
B-A-B-Y -- Carla Thomas
Soft Soul -- Afro Soul Review
Let's Try It Over Again -- Tommy Duncan
A Bit Of Soul -- McKinley Mitchell
Texas Woman -- Little Janice
Hold On Baby -- Sam Hawkins
It Hurts To Want It So Bad -- Mel and Tim
You're Gonna Want Me -- Bill Coday
Good Bye Baby -- Little Janice



EVGENYI said...

Please , I'm looking for Arcane Device "Engines Of Myth" link , can you help me ? Thanks anyway

Anonymous said...

this file wasn't available- could you re-post or add a new link?

kumar said...

Sure, I made it available directly. Enjoy. http://bylamplight.com/northern-lamp-lights.zip