Mashing it up

Hey all, dug up some old Hip Hop mash-ups I did a while back. Enjoy, DJ Bylamplight.

The Mash: Cold Call Me (Lyrics Born over DJ Exile)


over Emanon, Emcees Like Me, which was the flip of this 12" single:

The Mash: Evelyn On The Bus (Busdriver over Dabrye)


over Dabrye's Evelyn, off the now hard to find Instrmntl album:

The Mash: Hello Life (Lyrics Born over Bus)


over some beat by Pole (as Bus).

Then, more recently, I mashed up some Zulu a capellas, when they were posted on mashit:

The Mash: Bob's Truth

Backed by Bob off Anthony Shake Shakir's Beat Shack, which samples:

The Mash: Spanish Nitelife


Eligh's Nitelife. Pretty hard to find but there's one here and here

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