Hello to all you bloggers from around the world! It's request-time.. time to give something back for all the amazing music that has been available on this blog. Lowdjo is looking for tracks from 12 different European countries and needs some help, from you!
The idea is to do a special set for young people aged between 12 and 18 years old, from the following countries:

Czech Republic
United Kingdom

so if you know of any suitable music for these youngsters, that originally comes from one of these countries.. contact Lowdjo by writing him an email (jo**at**lowdjo**dot**com) with the subject “European tracks'.

Lowdjo's looking for music that can be funny, fresh, crazy, danceable, etc...
The people who send in or upload their favourite tracks for this special mix will get something for free (a surprise collector's item!), delivered through post at their home adress, wherever you are located in the world!
So start the research and help out Lowdjo (

thx in advance!


Summerish 3

And finally.. the third volume of the summerish recordings..


holger czukay - mirage
nurse with wound-cyclobe - paraparaparallellogrammatica
black dice - manoman
fennesz - caecilia
wooden wand & the vanishing voice - satya sai baba plays 'reverse jam band'
badgerlore - your discomfort, my pleasure
peter green - witches (macbeth original score)
lsd march - gloomy adonis (45 rpm)
vincent gallo - when
die welttraumforscher - kleine mädchen
yeasayer - sunrise
brian eno - baby's on fire (live w/ kevin ayers / john cale / robert wyatt)
animal collective - the purple bottle (stevie wonder version)
deerhoof - rrrrrrrright
oneida - did i die
arab strap - stink
six organs of admittance - the desert is a circle
fuck buttons - bright tomorrow
jazkamer - occult glider
holger czukay - atlantis

download summerish 3

Summerish 2

Finally Lowdjo got round to finish the summerish-trilogy.. part two, here..

taylor deupree - skimming
christian fennesz plays charles matthews
the dead texan - when i see scissors i can't help but think of you
alejandro franov khali - shumba
xiu xiu - sad pony guerilla girl
excepter - bridge traffic
kim hiorthoy - door opens both ways
suicide - keep your dreams
donato wharton - is that why yr still on earth
high tone - glowing fire
full moon scientist - lemon hart angels experiment
filastine - the last redoubt
funki porcini - wicked, cruel, nasty, bad
andrew pekler - steady bounce
eight mile road - life is a traffic jam
maga bo ft. k-libre - nakhil (nettle rmx)
aphex twin - the violin song
monkey steak - gaza stripclub
sky city rising - fever gasp
starkey - pins

download summerish 2

Summerish - volume one is still available, here


'rock mix' by Lowdjo

Inspired by Dj ByLampLight's wonderful post-punk compilation Lowdjo recorded a 'rock mix' with quite some of his guitar heroes he listened to from about the age of sixteen until today. Jumping from one decennium to another..
About twenty tracks in less than an hour!


dinosaur jr. - start choppin
the ramones - i wanna be your boyfriend
the jesus and mary chain - in a hole (peel session)
the real kids - reggae reggae
the fall - victoria (peel session)
world domination enterprises - asbestos lead asbestos
mudhoney - you got it
afghan whigs - retarded
bauhaus - she's in parties
the new york dolls - shadow line
mars - helen forsdale
walter steding with robert fripp - hound dog
magazine - boredom
crass - do they owe us a living
bikini girl - rebel girl
tu seras terriblement gentille - i need a kiss
josef k - the art of things
the cheeraks - ring o' fire
the slits - vindictive (peel session)
frustration - blind

download the rock mix


The Research DJs play slow jams

The Research DJs are back and we're spinning 45s again at motelbar in Chicago on Wed August 13th, 9 til 2, no cover. That's tomorrow! To get you in the mood we dug deep for some mood making music and came up with a special mix just for the ladies.

The Research DJs are:

- DJ Bylamplight
- Reverend Geoffrey Wilson

Now, the slow jams ...

I'm Your Puppet -- James & Bobby Purify
I'm Over You -- Jan Bradley
Take Away -- Steve Colt
One Little Piece -- The Rollers
You're Gonna Want Me -- Bill Coday
You're Gonna Get It -- Sharon Jones And The Dap-Kings
I Guess That Don't Make Me A Loser -- Brothers Of Soul
Be My Lady -- The Dynamic Tints
Only Time Will Tell -- The Ripples
I Forgot To Be Your Lover -- William Bell
In So Many Ways -- Birdlegs & Pauline
Night Time Is The Right Time -- Rufus & Carla
I'll Love You Forever -- Betty Wright
We Can Get It On Later On -- The Contributors of Soul
On The Street Corner -- Jimmie "Bo" Horne
God Bless Our Love -- Charles Brimmer
Sexy Ways -- The Midnighters
Eighteen With A Bullet -- The Tamlins
Are You Lonely For Me Baby -- Freddy Scott
There Is No Greater Love -- The Wanderers
I've Come To Save You -- 100 Proof Aged In Soul



Another World War (Post-Punk Begins)

In a stroke of good luck [or fate?] I recently acquired a large collection of 1980s Punk / Post-Punk / Hardcore LP and 7" records. This was an amazing period for "indie" rock music because of two things:

First, the dust was settling from the Punk explosion of the 70s and bands were feeling OK about experimenting outside of the "Punk" sound. I.E. bands were using synths, clean guitars, softer production, etc. Yet, the raw energy and expression known as Punk was still alive and well in the 80s. Secondly, the Garage movement from the 60s that started it all was about to see a new wave of acknowledgment from all the compilations coming out in the late 70s and early 80s. (The first wave started with Nuggets, released 1972.) The interest in compilation LPs snowballed in the 80s perhaps due to the success of the Pebbles comps (Vol. 1 released 1978); all these comps no doubt influenced Punk bands of the time. Not to mention, these comps probably also played a small part in mod revival. My own fascination with the 60s Garage sound, as you already know, is showcased in a few parts of the Turn On Your Lamplight series.

I'm still working through this newfound collection — mostly trying to digitize as much as possible for the CHIRP library — but here's the first comp of some interesting 7's I found. It sprinkles in some definitive sounding "Post-Punk" and one Ska tune but retains a focus on the raw Punk sound. Warning: May induce vigorous head nodding and / or twitches.

Yours, DJ Bylamplight

Another World War (Post-Punk Begins)


Shark -- Those Helicopters (1980)
Eskimo -- Those Helicopters (1980)
Both Sides -- The Rivals (1980)
Greasy Spine -- Volcano Suns (1986)
Drive It Off -- The Visigoths (1985)
Don't Leave Me Alone -- Pagans (1987)
King Of Spain -- Galaxie 500 (1988)
Sold On You -- Gordon The Moron (1979)
Holiday In Cambodia -- Dead Kennedys (1980)
Venus In Leather -- Trilobites (1985)
Sea Cruise -- Volcano Suns (1986)
Go Go -- Super K (1986)
Baggy Trousers -- Madness (1980)
Adventure Remix -- Plastic Idols (1980)
Warm Leatherette -- The Normal (1978)
100 Fools -- Deniz Tek (1981)
Lucifer Over Lancashire -- The Fall (1986)
Recurring Nightmare -- Super K (1986)
Tugboat -- Galaxie 500 (1988)