Turn On Your Lamplight Pt 4

The Turn On Your Lamplight box set keeps growing! If you're familiar with parts 1, 2, and 3, you'll be pleased to know that this one digs up the roughest, ugliest, grittiest 60s Garage Punk yet. And there's a little bit of surf thrown in for good measure (bird is the word).

To get a taste of the dirt I'm talking about, have a listen to Girl by The Keggs. Was this all in one take? Can these guys even play their instruments? This is the rough stuff that made the 60s a special time — the birth of punk rock? Quite possibly. Or how about this one, the wild, chopped up Things Gotta To Change by Barry Lee. First of all, they couldn't even get the title right when printing the record label. Next, the band can't even keep time on the backup vocals! The result is a flailing, beautiful cacophony of raw energy. If the instruments were tighter and the recording polished up then this would sound like a flat, boring pop tune at best.

I wanted to make a special shout out to Dr. Mindburger, a record dealer in Chicago who I got a couple of these 45s from. Take notice of this special lost garage tune by The Blackstones, Chicago City. This was pressed up by the doctor himself after a cohort stumbled upon the acetate in a garage sale. What a savage cut! I also have a psychedelic mix in the works with some proper Mindburger tunes on it so check back often.

This stuff really gets my blood pumping.

yours, DJ Bylamplight.

Oh Yeah! -- Thee Impalas
Things Gotta To Change -- Barry Lee
Roses Are Red -- Steve King
Surfin' Bird -- The Trashmen
Bird Dance Beat -- The Trashmen
H. B. Goose Step -- The Rivieras
Searching For Love -- The Kingsmen
Turn On Your Love Light -- The Vondels
Psychotic Reaction -- Positively Thirteen O'Clock
Love Me Baby -- Jon & Robin And The In Crowd
Pain -- Nova's Nine
Point Of No Return -- The Music Machine
Forget Me Baby -- Lulu And The Luvers
Come On Back (Instr.) -- The Wild Ones
King Mixer -- The Music Machine
Baby Let Me Take You Home -- The Animals
Come On Up -- Thee Impalas
Theme For Pammy -- The Fenways
Take Me Back -- The Flock
Chicago City -- The Blackstones
Girl -- The Keggs

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Tom M said...

Great stuff, guys. Love the new edition. Haven't heard some of this stuff since back when I had to tape a penny to my turntable tone arm to keep it from skipping on the record scratches!

harry grabbins said...

really nice selection!!

Liquid Dilemma said...

Thx for the comments and supporting this blog guys!