Call For Projects To All Artists!

Hello all you bloggers.. time to get known and maybe get your yourself to Brussels, Belgium..

SMart asbl is a socio-professional organisation supporting artists on a logistic, administrative and legal level.
To celebrate its 10th anniversary SMart is organizing the SMartival, a festival for its 20000 members and for the general audience. The SMartival takes place from 22/11/2008 until 29/11/2008, at the Pathé Palace in Brussels.

Foton is responsible for the conceptualization and the artistic program of the SMartival. Within this framework we launch a call for projects, based on the following conditions and proposals:

- the SMartival is a MULTI- and INTERDISCIPLINARY event: music, film, dance, theater, circus, installations, fine arts ... all artistic disciplines as well as their hybrid forms are welcome.
- first of all the SMartival wants to be a place and a moment in time where SUPPORT, ENCOUNTERS and EXCHANGE between artists, the general audience and the SMart-crew prevail: the event is open to all artistic proposals containing these elements of INTERACTIVITY, no matter what their format might be (performances, installations, workshops, ...)

- whether you are an artist or not, whether you are well-known or not, send us your own artistic creation, to be sold during our anonymous auction ... the day of the auction you might return home with a real Tuymans without knowing it

Send your project proposals for the artistic program to:
hans@foton.be / SMart asbl - c/o Hans De Man - Emile Féronstraat 70 - 1060 Brussels - Belgium

Send a short description and a couple of pictures of your artistic creation for the auction to: hans@foton.be
We will get in touch with you afterwards to discuss the sales conditions.

For more information concerning SMart and Foton: http://www.smartasbl.be - http://www.foton.be

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