Xmas Nuggets

All year long we squirrel away freak holiday records snatched up from the bins but they sit around and never get played. Until now! As a follow up to previous Xmas treats, DJ Bylamplight has compiled yet another stocking full of standout nuggets to fill your humble abode with love and funky beats.

Happy Holidays

1. The Sonics -- Don't Believe In Christmas
2. Blues Magoos -- Jingle Bells
3. Santo & Johnny -- Twistin' Bells
4. Bob Seger and The Last Heard -- Sock It To Me, Santa
5. Milly & Silly -- Gettin' Down For Xmas
6. Jayram Acharya -- White Christmas
7. Cocteau Twins -- Winter Wonderland
8. Black Lips -- Christmas In Baghdad
9. King Khan and BBQ Show -- Plump Righteous
10. Nathaniel Mayer -- Mr. Santa Claus
11. The Grand Rapmasters -- Deck The Halls
12. Prince G & Clever MC's -- Happy Holiday
13. Drivin' n' Cryin' Auto Club -- Liquid Jazz Jam
14. The Flaming Lips -- It's Christmas Time Again
15. The Uniques -- Please Come Home For Christmas
16. Booker T. & The MG's -- Merry Christmas Baby
17. John Zorn -- Magical Sleigh Ride
18. Drivin' n' Cryin' Auto Club -- Moonlit Snowflake Jazzy Haze (night version)
19. (Silent Night)
20. Baron Zen -- Christmas in Brooklyn


Beyond Digital Tribute by Lowdjo

I'm not going to say much about this mix, only that it's an inspirational project to me.. discover for yourself, here: http://beyond-digital.org/

Beyond Digital Tribute by Lowdjo


Essiham Dhak & Laab - Track 6
Nass El Ghiwane - Alkassam
Jil Jilala - Malgalbi Dada Mey
Limaandou Zhar Mahfoudi
Yazid - Track 6
Noujoum Oumaima - Track 1
El Yazid - Kobi Kasi
Unknown - Essiham comp 3
Unknown - Essiham comp
Champ Music Vision Présente Abdou Adrar - Track 2
El Khozeimi - Track 6 (Ennassim album)
Cheb Adil - Track 1 (Sawt Ennassim)
Abdel El Miloudi - Track 1 (Edition Ennassim)
Noujoum Rai - Wislane
H-Kayne - Issawa Style
Cheb Karim ft. Piccolo - Hia T'Heresse
Kasmi Rached ft. RJ - Khatini Shishi
Amir ft. Scorpion - Salama
Mudd Unknown - Sexy Back - Morrocon Blend
Douzi ft. David Piccolo - Touba
Lenky - Diwali
Hafida - Ayan Dar Illa Zine



Thaï Style! by Lowdjo

Thaï Style by Lowdjo


Louis Kennedy - Pu Yai Lee
The Son of P.M. - Asava Leela (Guaracha)
Sripal Jaipra - YomMaBan TaLangKan (Officer Of Hell's Announcement)
Re-Generation - Nan Nan Pob Gan Tee (Long Time No See)
Don Sornrabeab - Mao (Drunk)
Plearn Promdan - Rum Kum Samong
Sroeng Santi - Kuen Kuen Lueng Lueng
The Son of P.M. - Su Ki Ya Ki (Sloopy)
Kana TNT - Kod Hang Kam
The Son of P.M. - Rose Rose I Love You (A Go-Go)
Soreng Santi - Dub Fai Kui Gun
Meesak Nakaratch - Luk Ron
The Son of P.M. - Arabian Song (Guaracha)
Plearn Promdan - Kosok Tee Det
Sangthong Seesai - Kam Kao (Old Karma)
Dao Bandon - Me Jom Ka Lon
Plearn Promdan - Ying Ting
The Generation - Racing
Royal Sprite - Yang Hai Mun Kong
Panadaa Chayapark - Rus Pu Tin
Pranee Thanasri - Chown Tur Ten Rum
Nakplang Krumklowna - Disco Tour
Chairai Chaiyata & Sawanee Pattana - Khown Tai Doey Loak Puin



Farfisa Gravy Vol. 3

The savage 60s sound of screaming farfisas is back in a third volume! For the full face melting experience be sure sure to grab volume one and two. Volume three gets more into the gritty funkier side of garage but it still has some burners.

Yours, DJ Bylamplight

Farfisa Gravy Vol. 3

1. Small Faces -- I Can't Dance With You
2. The Jerms -- Not At All
3. Big Brother and the Holding Company -- Down On Me
4. Underground Sunshine -- Don't Shut Me Out
5. The Four Challengers -- Love Me When You Can
6. Tidal Waves -- Farmer John
7. The Bossmen -- On The Road
8. Vinnie Basile -- Girl
9. The Wylde Main-iacs -- Why Ain't Love Fair
10. The Sheep -- Twelve Months Later
11. The Dynatones -- The Fife Piper
12. The Farlanes -- Doctor Fonebone
13. The Bad Boys -- Black Olives
14. The Cavemen -- A Small World
15. Chris Morgan & The Togas -- There She Goes
16. Little John -- Black Winds
17. The Abstracts -- Smell of Incense
18. The Wicked -- The Spider and the Fly

Cover art by Saucy Salad


Open Your Heart And Let It Shine (House mix)

Between 1999 and 2004 I bought a lot of house records and honed my skills on the decks here in Chicago. I'd spend hours in shops like Gramophone rooting through mediocre four on the floor looking for the gems. All considering I'd say some amazing records were coming out, especially from the Chicago and San Fran scenes of the time on labels like Moody, Relief, Afterhours, Classic, Greyhound, and Panhandle. Just the other day I pillaged my shelves to see which tunes still had some mojo left after all these years. Quite a few! Here's a live mix with vinyl for ya; the blends are sloppy but, meh, it's all about the records. - DJ Bylamplight

Open Your Heart And Let It Shine (mp3)

Inland Knights -- Our Love
8fatfat8 -- Rise Up and Walk Mise En Place Remix
Ricky Bradshaw -- Black Keys (Filtered Jazz Mix)
Pascal + Mister Day -- Powder Drums
Green Velvet -- La La Land
Peter Phonix -- Baby Tek
Lake Soul -- Autour De Toi
Freude Am Tanzen -- Summertime...
Rocket (DJ Garth & Eric James) -- Between The Lines (Lost Keys Mix)
Dimbiman -- Köppchen (Herbert's D-D-D-Dazzle Dub)
Swirl People -- Reflex Success
Lil' Mark -- Spaced Out
Motorbass -- "Ezio" Music
The Sonarphonic -- Super Breaker (featuring: Margarita Thompson)

Photo by mörfie


7" Pinch - Lowdjo's Rattling Jukebox

Discrepant brings back the man responsible for the 7" Pinch, Brussels based DJ Lowdjo, for his second contribution to the series and 4th instalment for Discrepant.

And he's twisted it around again for us, after his previous 'marinade' of rare psych singles and glitchy modern twisters, Lowdjo now takes us to a crackling world of reeling weirdness. From the pristine field recordings of Chris Watson to the virtuoso finger-picking of the late Jack Rose, Lowdjo spins these plates like a possessed juke box diabolically planning its retirement party.

Forget CDs, LPs and MP3s and surrender with us, one more time, to the power of the 7" Pinch!


Chris Watson - Oceanus Pacificus (10m)
Mike Vainio - Behind The Radiators
D_rradio - Some Other Time
Colleen - Babies
Christian Fennesz plays Charles Matthews
Morgan Caney & Kamal Joory - Darling (rmx)
('aisikl) - Requiem for John Fahey
Jack Rose - Mr. Rose Visits Washington D.C.
B. Fleischmann - Toru Okada
Hrvatski - Une Drôle De Journée
Fuck Buttons - Bright Tomorrow
Coh Vox Tinitus - Silence Is Golden
Flotel - Bowd (Isan 'Timber Falls Motel' Mix)
Allan Hughes - Interference

Head over to Discrepant.net to listen or download this m!x!


Schizoïd m!x

Schizoïd m!x by Lowdjo


Shlohmo - Empty Pools
Forest Swords - Trust Your Blood
Seefeel - Dead Guitars
Ike Yard - Masochistic
Kode9 & The Spaceape - Promises
Shackleton - Fireworks
Double Helix - Chamber Of Light
Badawi - Anlan 7
Mexicans With Guns - Jaguar
Dubbel Dutch - Pulso
Toy Selectah - Sonidero Compay ft. Dj Blass
Miriam Garcia & Alicia Solans - Pintar el Sol (Chancha Via Circuito rmx)
Jose Larralde - Quimey Neuquen (Chancha Via Circuito rmx)
El Remolon - Cumbia Bichera (Tremor rmx)
Candie Hank - Farewell to a Booty
sMoKio - Outro



Lowdjo LIVE on Radio Campus Orléans, FR

Full of Turkish Delights & Tropical Treats!!!

Lowdjo LIVE on Radio Campus Orléans, FR // 060511 by Lowdjo Live

Jean-Pierre Massiera - Radio Galaxia

Erkin Koray - Yagmur
Tandy Love - I Reach
Grup Ses - Puf De
Tandy Love - Indian Zone Drum Killer Inc.
Gary Cole and His G.T. Hobo's - Baa Laughter
Selda - Nem Kaldi
Grup Ses - Fidayda 2011
Squeaky Lobster - Turkish Delight
Débruit - Mezdé
Grup Ses - Bir Bost Bir Arkadas
Arif Sag - Osman Pehlivan (Püfde)
Gonjasufi - Kowboyz&Indians
Suckafish P. Jones - Cloak and Dagger Empire
Sonido Del Principe - Cartagena
Villa Diamante - Proxy Raven vs Alexis & Fido ft. Chingo Bling
Ghislain Poirier ft. Face-T - Blazin' (Modeselektor rmx)
Peter Gunn & Small Change - Midnight Kryptonite
LFO - Flu-Shot (Kringlan)
Candie Hank - The Booty Bank ft. Angie Reed
Maluca - El Tigeraso (Nguzunguzu rmx)
Dj Rashad - Ghetto Tek Muzik


Recorded LIVE on Radio Campus Orléans, France - 88.3FM - Friday 6th of May

Thanks to Tim & Viviane for the warm welcome..


Brussels Up! Soundsystem - Promom!x

Brussels Up! Promomix by Brussels Up! Soundsystem

5 dj's & 26 songs in 55 minutes. This is our first mix as the Brussels Up! soundsystem, a new project of 5 global music dj's from Brussels. In this mix we take it from vintage lo-fi rock & pop sounds to urban bass and everything in between.


Brussels Up! Soundsystem Intro
Grup Ses - Bir Bost Bir Arkadas
Hayvanlar Alemi - Mavi Sepet
Sun City Girls - Gum Arabic
Omar Khorsid - Enta Omri (You Are My Life)
Klaus Doldinger - Sitar Beat
Tafo & Nahid Akhtar - Kad Ley Wey
Charanjit Singh - Raga Kalavati
Raj-Koti - Silakalaguda Silakanu Nenu
Omer Gagli - Gorani 2010
Kel Tin Lokiene - Ihama
Tebza - Rocka
Appietus - Miss Doctor
Christy B - Gouana Dance
Dj Znobia - Kuduro Em Musica
Snombhelani Sisters - Sanghoma
Frente Cumbiero - Aguanegra
Dj Negro - Andres Landero
Master Blaster Soundsystem - Pan Con Vino
Toy Selectah - Mucho Calor
Paco Mendoza - La Frekuencia
Dj Ivan Ritman - La Cumbia Sonidero Tribal
Sonora - Cumbia Action (Daphutur Remix)
Myd - Train To Bamako (Canblaster Remix)
Oliver $ - Gypsy Carnival
Lorcan Mak - Gypsy Bum
Mujava - Mugwanti (Carlos Barbosa Remix)



Farfisa Gravy Vol. 2

DJ Bylamplight is back with another comp of 60s garage mayhem! It's filled with farfisa burners so hey why not make it a follow-up to Farfisa Gravy as Volume Two? It's been too long since the last comp and the fruit is ripe so you'll be pleased to know that we also have Volume Three in store for you; check the blog in a couple days. Volume Two has more of the face melting 60s punk shredders and Volume Three explores the funkier, grittier garage sound. Enjoy!

Download Farfisa Gravy Vol. 2 and start melting your face

1. The Zephyrs -- There's Something About You
2. The Bad Boys -- Love
3. The Five Americans -- I See The Light
4. The Troyes -- Rainbow Chaser
5. The Beckett Quintet -- No Correspondence
6. The Wylde Main-iacs -- Not The One For Me
7. Neal Ford & The Fanatics -- Shame On You
8. The Mojo Men -- Dance With Me
9. The Hardtimes -- Fortune Teller
10. The Gentrys -- Brown Paper Sack
11. Burch Ray -- Blues Stay Away From Me
12. The Ceptors -- I Can't Make It
13. The Four Challengers -- Rayburn Street
14. The Sheep -- Hide & Seek
15. The Cryan Shames -- Ben Franklin's Almanac
16. Erik & The Smoke Ponies -- I'll Give You More
17. The Obvious -- I Don't Believe
18. Guess Who? -- Shakin' All Over

Album artwork by stefano.petraz


Jukin' In Tha Dungeon by Lowdjo

From the Southside of Chicago to Brussels and back...
New fresh genre called 'Footwork' or 'Juke', enjoy! Low.

Jukin' In The Dungeon by Lowdjo


RP Boo - Eraser
Jamie Grind - Footwork
Andrea - Retail Juke
Pearson Sound - Blue Eyes
Dj Roc - Let's Get It Started
Dj Nate - Halloween Wurks
Sabbo - Just Pop It
Tha Pope - Jungle Juke
Dj Elmoe - Yo Shit Fucked Up
Traxman - Compute Funk
Dj Lil Rome & Dj Yung Tellem - Kill Da Circle
Sabbo - High As The Sky
Dj Lil Rome - I Go Hard
Dj Nate - Footwurk Homicide
Dj Trouble - Mosh Pit
Dj Roc - Dj Roc Symphony
Dj Spinn & Dj Rashad - Space Juke
Dj Roc - Phantom Call
Cedaa - Juke Clap
Becoming Real ft. Trim - Like Me (Dj Rashad rmx)
Dj Killa E - Star Wars
Dj Rashad - Who Da Coldest
Dj Rashad - Ghetto Tek Muzik



Mutant Bass Hop by Lowdjo

Mutant Bass Hop by Lowdjo

Dan The Automator - Bombay 405 Miles
Maga Bo - Analys D'amour (instrumental)
Alan Vega with A.R.E Weapons - See Tha Light
Becoming Real ft. Trim - Like Me
Numan - Skull Crusher (CapricornOne rmx)
Kelpe - Margins
Taz - Robogrime
Mc Totally Rad & Dj Fuck - Super Evil
Driver&Driver - Der Kleine Ernst (Autocumbia mix)
Two Fingers - Fools Rhythm
Lazer Sword ft. Turf Talk - I'm Gone
Driver&Driver - Back To L.A
Starkey - Holodeck
DZ - Regulate
Nguzunguzu - Unfold
Lazer Sword - Batman (Nguzunguzu rmx)
Becoming Real ft. Trim - Like Me (Dj Rashad rmx)
Sabbo - Upside Down
Dj Rashad - Ghetto Tek Muzik
Candiehank - Booty Bank (Toytone rmx)



NeXt LeVel ChEEse

NeXt LeVel ChEEse by Dr. Green Cheese


Forest Swords - Hjurt (Pariah refix)
Lysergic - Black Coaches
Dj.Noizcut - Sleeping On A Ceiling Part 1
Take - Horizontal Figuration (Tokimonsta rmx)
Salem - Dirt
Martyn & Mike Slott - Pointing Fingers
Take - Implosions (Shigeto rmx)
1000names - Pocket Calculator (Lynx and Hellrazor rmx)
Mike Gao - California
Morgan Zarate - Hookid
Pixelord - Fish Touch
Lakritze - Tropical Meat
Jonny Faith - Faze Two
fLako - Doldrums
Lunice - Hitmanes Anthem
Virtual Boy - Thrust
Pixelord - Kiss Your TV
Amon Tobin - Breaking Protocol


more: http://drgreencheese.official.fm/


Podcast for Discrepant.net

This week’s guest mix comes in the form of yet another running new series. When invited to contribute a mix to discrepant, Lowdjo had the excellent idea of doing a 7” only mix. We gladly obliged inadvertently giving birth to a new mix series here at discrepant HQ, the 7” Pinch.
By using only 7” from their collections, musicians/dj’s/producers/collectors are invited to contribute with their own musical vision of the 45rpm slammer. The aim is to celebrate such medium, dust off old classics and fire off new plates, all in the name of that mostly underrated shiny black spinner!
First in the series, the artist responsible for the concept, Lowdjo from Brussels, coherently takes us on a journey connecting the two very different worlds of vintage psychedelics with the more recent Glitch-hop tendencies!

Forget CDs, mp3 downloads and spotify...Surrender to the pinch of the 7"!


Ennio Morricone - La Resa Dei Conti
Gonjasufi - My Only Friend
Maledictus Sound - Cambronne
Selda - Nem Kaldi
Mehrpouya - Soul Raga
Arif Sag - Osman Pehlivan (Püfde)
Billy Green - Stone Is A Trip
Harmonia - Monza (Rauf Und Runter)
Dabrye - Walk
Illum Sphere - Medusa
Dbridge - Zx Eightyone
Shepherd - Winged Chariot
Paul White - My Guitar Whales (extended version)
The Black Dog & Black Sifichi - Black Dog Direct

Direct Download!


Podcast for Urban Waves Records

Podcast I recorded last week for the fresh Brussels-based label Urban Waves, enjoy!


Onra - Relax In Mui Ne
Shigeto - Relentless Drag (Mike Slott rmx)
Seefeel - Dead Guitars
Daisuke Tanabe - Witch Hunt
Tipper - Cuckoo
Sub Swara ft. Dead Prez - Speak My Language
Eprom & Boreta - Nasty Ways / Shopwrekka (Brad BiTT rmx)
Salva ft. Zackey Force Funk - 40 Karats (Lando Kal rmx)
Munchi - Bota Dedim Pro Alto
Nightmare Juke Squad - Daft Punk - Rectifiler (Leatherface rmx)

Private d/l link!


A Turk And A Killer On Soundcloud

take a guess who's that man in de middle ;)

Good day to y’all!

The eclectic dj wizard Lowdjo from Brussels is at it again with a fresh mix, inspired by the Turkish ‘Anadolu’ psychedelic rock sound from the 70′s. That and, as the title suggests, triggered by the sampling notions of Gonjasufi’s 2010 record on Warp.

Listen up, you can still download it if you’re quick!

A Turk And A Killer by Lowdjo

The uploading of the mix wasn’t without a struggle either. Here’s what Lowdjo has to say about it;

A Turk And A Killer .. some words ..

Last summer I listened to a lot of psychedelic music from all over the world. One of the ‘scenes’ I really got into was the Turkish ‘Anadolu’-rock scene.

While listening to a lot of these fuzzy tracks I was really surprised when I discovered that quite some tracks released by The Gaslamp Killer & Gonjasufi are so close to the original Turkish songs… they’re just slightly altered, edited and have a voice-over by Kutmah.

I was even more surprised when I tried to upload this recording onto Soundcloud and it got blocked for “copyright infringement”. I got a message that said my mixtape was recognised as “The Gaslamp Killer – Kobwebs” and belonged to the rightsholder Milan Records.

After submitting my counter notice and waiting for a week, I contacted Soundcloud again and explained them that the whole idea of this mixtape is to shake up the discussion about copyright, sampling, etc… I even send them links to videos from both tracks so they could compare.

Today, it’s been a month…. and still no word. So I taught I’ll try fooling the new ‘copyright-robot’ at Soundcloud by just putting an excerpt from Cassetteboy’s Parker Tapes at the start of the mix, upload this and see what happens. And yes……. this time no problem with getting my favorite Turks online!

Enjoy the m!x and spread da word ;-)


Apparently Soundcloud is now also hunting down fans/djs who are mixing up James Blake ‘Limit To Your Love’…. There’s something fishy about Soundcloud making such decisions and blocking the mashups & remixes of people who have all made the website such a big in the last few years.

The eclectic mashup femme DJ Ripley wrote a really interesting post about it on her blog with the title; walling off another garden. Also WayneandWax did a good post about internet content copyright earlier in december; platform politricks.

You had some of your mixes, remixes of mashes rejected by Soundclolud? Speak up and spread the word!

Want to know where all the Gonjasufi samples came from?

check here at whosampled.com and the comment in this one.

Rebel Up! Seb

(taken from GenBass)


Jacky's Psych Out! by Lowdjo

Been listening to a lot of psychedelic music last year..

Here's a mix with some tracks I played at last year's Smarty Party, and a few extras.. This one's for you Jacky!

Jacky's Psych Out! by Lowdjo


Pierre Raph - An Intimate Relationship
Black Devil Disco Club - Pendulum
Acanthus - Sleeping Beauty (Samba Des Vampires)
Spirit - The Other Song
Billy Green - Amanda
Sam Spence - The Net
Jacky Chalard - L'Agonie (Instrumental)
Pierre Cavalli - Un Soir Chez Norris
Ennio Morricone - Magic And Ecstacy
Erkin Koray - Seni Her Gördürümde
Las Grecas - Bella Kali
Jacky Chalard - Superman Supercool (Extended version)
Hayvanlar Alemi - Snakesurfing
Herman's Rocket - Space Woman
Pierre Raph - Gilda & Gunshots
Gipsys - Kamasutra
Free The Robots - Turkish Voodoo
Gaslamp Killer - Fun Over 100
Braens Machine - Flying
Basile - Engins Bizarres
Soreng Santi - Iron Man

Recorded in Lowdjo's dungeon, Brussels - January 2011

Watch the whole photo album.. HERE!