Open Your Heart And Let It Shine (House mix)

Between 1999 and 2004 I bought a lot of house records and honed my skills on the decks here in Chicago. I'd spend hours in shops like Gramophone rooting through mediocre four on the floor looking for the gems. All considering I'd say some amazing records were coming out, especially from the Chicago and San Fran scenes of the time on labels like Moody, Relief, Afterhours, Classic, Greyhound, and Panhandle. Just the other day I pillaged my shelves to see which tunes still had some mojo left after all these years. Quite a few! Here's a live mix with vinyl for ya; the blends are sloppy but, meh, it's all about the records. - DJ Bylamplight

Open Your Heart And Let It Shine (mp3)

Inland Knights -- Our Love
8fatfat8 -- Rise Up and Walk Mise En Place Remix
Ricky Bradshaw -- Black Keys (Filtered Jazz Mix)
Pascal + Mister Day -- Powder Drums
Green Velvet -- La La Land
Peter Phonix -- Baby Tek
Lake Soul -- Autour De Toi
Freude Am Tanzen -- Summertime...
Rocket (DJ Garth & Eric James) -- Between The Lines (Lost Keys Mix)
Dimbiman -- Köppchen (Herbert's D-D-D-Dazzle Dub)
Swirl People -- Reflex Success
Lil' Mark -- Spaced Out
Motorbass -- "Ezio" Music
The Sonarphonic -- Super Breaker (featuring: Margarita Thompson)

Photo by mörfie

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