Lowdjo LIVE @ Couleur Café 2009

The camera didn't catch the sound that well, but at least there some footage..

the first video is about twenty minutes far in the set, the records playing are:

Monkey Steak - Gaza Stripclub
Senor Coconut vs Koçani Orkestar - Usti, Usti Bab

the second video is at the end of my set, the bass sounds like thunder and the public is going mad!!!! they kept screaming for more and this about ten minutes, crazy!!!

the record on the second video is DuranDuranDuran - Face Blast


It's a great loss..

and came as quite shocking news..
Dj C also did a great job mashing up The Jackson 5:

Dj C (ft. The Jackson5, Steven Marley, Naughty By Nature) - The ABC Traffic Jam (Armed With Harmony)

Michael Jackson, so long my friend

Michael Jackson passed away today at age 50 and I can't help but feel a huge loss. MJ shaped the music world we live in. Being a celebrity is a huge psychological burden but it's clear that he led a troubled life and went through a rough childhood. Unfortunately people are quick to judge him unfairly for this.

Who was the mysterious Michael Jackson who took the world by storm with his music?! He blew people away with his live performances, dance moves, and the infectious groove in his percussive vocal style. There's no denying it, stellar producers like Quincy Jones worked with Michael to produce some of the funkiest pop music EVER. Shamone!

With a career spanning five decades, what songs could possibly pay fair tribute to the King of Pop? I won't point out the obvious ones (you know what they are) but here are a few that I hold dear to my heart ...

Bad Trek, the bootleg mashup! Anytime I DJ this at a party, the crowd goes nuts (just sayin').

Never Can Say Goodbye (OPA), written by Clifton Davis and first performed by The Jackson 5, my favorite cover is this one by obscure 70s band OPA.

Billy Jean (Shinehead) Amazing vocal cover of Billie Jean that does fair justice to the original.

I Want You Back (Platinum Crew): Mission Impossible in a dancehall stylee? It works.

Smooth Criminal. Just listen to this song. It's insane.

Human Nature. Possibly the best song ever recorded by Michael Jackson.

Butterflies, 2001. I hear everyone talk about how Michael stopped making good music after Thriller. No he didn't!

Rest in peace my friend.

- DJ Bylamplight


Lowdjo's Tropical mix on LéféSonor - Radio Campus Bxl

The recording of last saturday's radio show on Radio Campus for Léfésonor arrived in the mail this morning and it's a long one, 2h14min, as is the tracklisting:

chris connelly - the fidra birds (pentland firth howl - addenda rec.)
geiom ft. khalid - zalim maar daala (berkane sol)
dj maxximus - israhell (mg77)
23hz & numaestro - galleon dub (immerse)
timeblind - ontological ground of being (soot)
omar souleyman - atadat (sublime frequencies)
dj rupture - taqasim (tigerbeat6)
ghislain poirier feat abdelhak rahal & j. clayton - exils (ninja tune)
filastine ft. jessika skeletalia kenny vs l3arbee & l na - splinter faction delight (soot)
maga bo feat. k-libre - nakhil (soot)
xberg dhirty6 cru - rapschreibreform (sonig)
maga bo featuring bigg - 3akel (soot)
sonar calibrado feat. mr catra - os asassinos (shockout)
dj sujinho - baile satisfaction
baleine 3000 - pompier (sonig)
filastine ft. ras mario & timedo flow (45rpmix - quémalo ya)
xingnfox feat. tame one - da muzik (shadetek rec.)
sub swara - belgrade riddim (dj c remix)
team shadetek feat. 77klash & jahdan - brooklyn anthem (sound ink)
dizzee rascal - pussyole (radioclit / schlachthofbronx rmx)
atki2 & renée silver - shocking out proud! (dtl salty mix - shadetek rec.)
madera limpa - la lenta (schlachthofbronx rmx)
deize tigrona - bandida (diplo fix)
shazalakazoo vs harry poppins - a fistful of deutschmarks (umbrelladelika rec.)
ghislain poirier featuring face-t - wha-la-la-leng (ninja tune)
omar souleyman - la sidounak sayyada (sublime frequencies)
kid kishore - nahi babba sitar speed grime (the social registry)
shazalakazoo - gypsy jungle
starkey feat. durrty goodz - gutter music (keysound recordings)
snoop dogg ft. tanvi shah - snoop dog millionaire (dirty final)
xbirgh dirty6 cru ft. candie hank - räststätte (sonig)
panjabi mc - panjabi soldiers
ghislain poirier feat. mc zulu - immigrant visa (ninja tune)
goran bregovic - polizia molto arrabiata
ghislain poirier ft. zulu - go ballistic (ninja tune)
omar souleyman - jani (sublime frequencies)
major lazer - hold the line (unsexxy caloron forever rmx)
jahdan blakkamoore / matt shadetek - nice green (dutty artz)
sonido del principe - cartagena (generation bass)
alika - para bailar cumbia (hijo de la cumbia rmx - soot)
sonido del principe - shake it (generation bass)
starkey - pins (murderbot rmx - dead homies)

we were just dancing around in the studio and i all forgot about mixing records.. last two records:

starkey - pins (atki2 architect remix - dead homies)
ja'afar hassan - they thought me (sublime frequencies)

Listen / download

Respects go out to Julien, Eliz & Macha for being such a hospital and fun crowd and of course thanx to all listeners!!



Roy Ayers Discography

When it rains it pours! In the recent spirit of mass collections of mp3s, here's a kind soul who has made nearly the entire Roy Ayers discography available through rapid share. Roy Ayers is a player who has gone from straight ahead jazz to sunshine funk and disco. My favorite album by him is Starbooty, one of the weirdest, funkiest 70s disco jams and a highly overlooked record. Snag it!


Drunkenstyle minimix by Lowdjo


nightmares on wax - 195 lbs
villa diamante - chanca via circuitovs (lil mama)
alika - par bailar cumbia (hijo de la cumbia rmx)
77klash ft. matt shadetek - pressure
xbergh dirty6 cru - rastätte
major lazer - hold the line (unsexxy caloron forever rmxx)
dj maxximus ft. soom t - reason
snoop dogg ft. tanvi shah - snoop dog millionaire (dirty final)
candiehank ft. mc shade - we all gonna die tonite
professor rehab + iloop - drunken money (ambient rmx)
alva noto & ryuichi sakamoto - siisx+ mur

Listen or download


Soundtrack To Early Life

Four years ago (sometime in 2005) I made a mix for my friend Tamara's new born baby girl, Madeleine. My goal was as you'd expect: just the right amount of happy, welcoming sounds -- a soundtrack to early life, if you will. Just the other day Tamara told me that the mix is back in heavy rotation. So here it is. Sit back, pretend you are four months old (or four years old) and enjoy.

Yours, DJ Bylamplight

Download mp3

Pretty -- Paul B. Davis
Trad Velecido -- Casino Vs. Japan
Golden Hours -- Brian Eno
Last Walk Around Mirror Lake -- Boards of Canada
Angela (Theme from Taxi) -- Bob James
Simple Song -- Plone
Morning Ride -- Mr. Yellowman
Death Of An Interior Decorator -- Death Cab For Cutie
Vacation Island -- Kid Koala
Wide Vice -- Kerrier District
I'll Spread It -- A Grape Dope
Small Song IV -- Broadcast
Goodnight Jade -- Squarepusher
In All My Wildest Dreams -- Joe Sample
Tone Twilight Zone -- Cornelius


DJ Krush --- Backcatalogue

As we're posting backcatalogues, let me add my bit!

I stumbled on the hiphoplongplay blog a couple of weeks ago and being a huge DJKrush fan, I found my happiness there!

Go there aswell!


Aphex Twin -->> backcatalogue!!!

While surfing on a few new blogs I stumbled on the Static Collaborative-blog run by a Chicagoan and he uploaded the whole AFX-backcatalogue (well, at least the records i know)
so here's the link for all you who's interested:

Hit me!