Michael Jackson, so long my friend

Michael Jackson passed away today at age 50 and I can't help but feel a huge loss. MJ shaped the music world we live in. Being a celebrity is a huge psychological burden but it's clear that he led a troubled life and went through a rough childhood. Unfortunately people are quick to judge him unfairly for this.

Who was the mysterious Michael Jackson who took the world by storm with his music?! He blew people away with his live performances, dance moves, and the infectious groove in his percussive vocal style. There's no denying it, stellar producers like Quincy Jones worked with Michael to produce some of the funkiest pop music EVER. Shamone!

With a career spanning five decades, what songs could possibly pay fair tribute to the King of Pop? I won't point out the obvious ones (you know what they are) but here are a few that I hold dear to my heart ...

Bad Trek, the bootleg mashup! Anytime I DJ this at a party, the crowd goes nuts (just sayin').

Never Can Say Goodbye (OPA), written by Clifton Davis and first performed by The Jackson 5, my favorite cover is this one by obscure 70s band OPA.

Billy Jean (Shinehead) Amazing vocal cover of Billie Jean that does fair justice to the original.

I Want You Back (Platinum Crew): Mission Impossible in a dancehall stylee? It works.

Smooth Criminal. Just listen to this song. It's insane.

Human Nature. Possibly the best song ever recorded by Michael Jackson.

Butterflies, 2001. I hear everyone talk about how Michael stopped making good music after Thriller. No he didn't!

Rest in peace my friend.

- DJ Bylamplight


Danny D said...

I absolutely agree with you on that last point though I think the release date on Invincible was 2001...

kumar said...

oh yeah, duh, I guess a 1 can look like a 7 when you're crying :(