Soundtrack To Early Life

Four years ago (sometime in 2005) I made a mix for my friend Tamara's new born baby girl, Madeleine. My goal was as you'd expect: just the right amount of happy, welcoming sounds -- a soundtrack to early life, if you will. Just the other day Tamara told me that the mix is back in heavy rotation. So here it is. Sit back, pretend you are four months old (or four years old) and enjoy.

Yours, DJ Bylamplight

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Pretty -- Paul B. Davis
Trad Velecido -- Casino Vs. Japan
Golden Hours -- Brian Eno
Last Walk Around Mirror Lake -- Boards of Canada
Angela (Theme from Taxi) -- Bob James
Simple Song -- Plone
Morning Ride -- Mr. Yellowman
Death Of An Interior Decorator -- Death Cab For Cutie
Vacation Island -- Kid Koala
Wide Vice -- Kerrier District
I'll Spread It -- A Grape Dope
Small Song IV -- Broadcast
Goodnight Jade -- Squarepusher
In All My Wildest Dreams -- Joe Sample
Tone Twilight Zone -- Cornelius

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