Lowdjo LIVE @ Couleur Café 2009

The camera didn't catch the sound that well, but at least there some footage..

the first video is about twenty minutes far in the set, the records playing are:

Monkey Steak - Gaza Stripclub
Senor Coconut vs Koçani Orkestar - Usti, Usti Bab

the second video is at the end of my set, the bass sounds like thunder and the public is going mad!!!! they kept screaming for more and this about ten minutes, crazy!!!

the record on the second video is DuranDuranDuran - Face Blast


kumar said...

haha! security guard looks baffled during encore

Lowdjo said...

yeaaah, the encore took about twenty to thirty minutes, after that i tried some more put they already cut the sound at the PA.