Farfisa Gravy

As promised, here's the follow-up comp to yesterday's Funky Hot Biscuits. Both contain more than a grab bag of 45s found in Mark Prellburg's loot this past weekend. Actually, Mark was pretty surprised to see collectors like Dr. Drase and I picking up both R&B and garage at the same time. The truth is there was a lot of crossover between these genres back in the 60s; the garage bands were obviously listening to R&B and probably vice versa. There are even a few tracks on here that were originally part of Funky Hot Biscuits but in the end I thought they were too raucous and fit better with the rocker tunes. By the way, Farfisa organ is one of the funkiest instruments around.

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1. Las Moskas -- Mony Mony
2. The Rivieras -- Rockin' Robin
3. Danny & The Sessions -- Mojo
4. Buckinghams -- Don't Want To Cry
5. The Rationals -- Leavin' Here
6. Gil Bateman -- Wicked Love
7. The Executioners -- I Want The Rain
8. The Coastliners -- I'll Be Gone
9. Sonny and the Premiers -- What It Is
10. The Clingers -- Gonna Have A Good Time
11. Better Sweet -- Like The Flowers
12. The Great Imposters -- Tell Me
13. The Five Americans -- Don't Blame Me
14. Las Moskas -- Me Voy O Me Quedo (Double Shot)
15. Troy Shondell -- Let Me Love You
16. The Baskerville Hounds -- Here I Come Miami
17. The Great Imposters -- Get Out Of My Life Woman
18. The Blues Effort -- Get Out of My Life, Woman
19. The Coachmen -- Mr. Moon

Yours, DJ Bylamplight

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