EZ Does It Ska

DJ Bylamplight drops the ska / jazz tunes as part three of the EZ Does It series, right behind the dub and rocksteady themes. The groove surface is pretty rough on some of these but, alas, it's near impossible to find clean 45s from Jamaica these days.

Download EZ Does It Ska (ZIP of mp3s)

Track listing:

Roland Alphonso -- El Pussy Cat Ska
Skatalites -- Timothy
Skatalites -- Gumma
Lord Bryner -- Tiger In Your Tank
Baba Brooks -- Faberge
Don Drummonds -- Reload
Roland Alphonso -- Blow Roland Blow
Derrick Morgan -- Fat Man
Derrick Morgan -- I'm Gonna Leave You
Lynn Tait and Tommy McCook with the Supersonics -- The Yellow Basket
Roy Shirley -- Good Ambition (prod. Byron Lee)
Desmond Dekker & Roland Alphonso -- Jungle Bit
Desmond Dekker -- Honour Your Mother & Father
Desmond Dekker -- Maggie
Clue J. & The Blues Blasters -- Little Willie
Hugh Hendricks & The Buccaneers -- Mistic Blue (Part 1)
Hugh Hendricks & The Buccaneers -- Mistic Blue (Part 2)
Judge Dread -- Big Eight

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