EZ Does It Rocksteady

DJ Bylamplight has put together a three part series of recently acquired reggae 7"s for us. First up is a rocksteady theme; check back in a day or two for some dub selections, then ska after that. Eeeeeaaazy does it.

Download EZ Does It Rocksteady - ZIP of mp3s

track list:

Gregory Isaacs -- Top Ten
Freddie McKay & The Soul Defenders -- Picture On The Wall
Delroy Wilson -- Have Some Mercy
Delroy Wilson -- Cool Operator
Desmond Dekker -- Sing A Little Song
Dennis Brown -- Money In My Pocket
Untouchables -- Tighten Up
Marcie Sampson -- Everyday You Give
John Holt -- Lady Love
Michegan & Smiley -- Diseases
Marvin Brooks -- Known Yourself
Desmond Dekker -- Sweet Music
Desmond Dekker & Roland Alphonso -- Mother Young Gal
Alton Ellis And The Flames -- I've Got A Date
Buster Brown -- Prisoner of Love
Carlene Davis -- Stealing Love On The Side
Harriott The Tellers -- A-ya-it-deh
David Isaacs -- Place In The Sun

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FinesseFamily.ent said...

OMg The Rockstedy Album Is Blesss Nice one ..