DJ Bylamplight presents: No TV

Somewhere on the Net I found A Tribute To Some Bizarre, an ambitious effort to digitize the most bizarre electronic punk vinyl in eight parts. This totals more than seven hours of music and took me three months to digest. Besides having a lame title I'd say there are many weak songs in the collection; I managed to pull all the ones I really liked into a one hour comp. The result: some of the most twisted no wave and post punk I've ever heard. In the original spirit of the first comp, please share this with everyone you know!

(photo by adustyfairytale)

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Tracklist (song, artist):

The Poet -- Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons
Fortschritt -- Hirnheimer
Mechante Souris -- Ninove
Fred der Ritter -- Vono
Black Souls Under White Skies (DEMO) -- Bill Pritchard
Je Veux Ma Mamam -- Bene Gesserit
Love is Like Violence -- Ted Milton
Studieren -- Teja Schmitz
Das Vodkalied -- Pankow
TV Addict -- Last Man In Europe
T.V.O.D. -- Nejet Nok
Italian Robots -- N.O.I.A.
Nattens Drömmar -- Nasa
Dresden -- 20:20 System
Agentes -- Agentss
Whom Do I Have to Ask -- Lemon Kittens
Tempus Fugit -- Tara Cross
Emperor Song -- The Neutronics
It never rains in outer space -- Futurhythm

Yours, DJ Bylamplight

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Anonymous said...

Ted Milton!
Give that man a Nobel prize!