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Inklings about the demise of venerable indie label Touch and Go have been floating around the blogosphere for the past few days, and today the situation became clearer: Time Out Chicago is reporting the record label, which has been operating out of Chicago since 1983, will fold its manufacturing and distribution wing, and carry on as a free-standing indie label.

taken from :: CHIRP

As a tribute to one of the best Labels around, i've made a 1 hour mix of Touch&Go's most inspiring releases. Growing up with these postrock/mathrock/whatever-you-wanna-call-it-rockbands, i felt the uncontrolable urge to compile my all-time favorites and share them with you!

scratch acid - el espectro
polvo - feather of forgiveness
the ex - fistful of feed
blonde redhead - futurism vs passéism
slint - pat
jesus lizard - mouth breader
rapeman - up beat
big black - ldopa
killdozer - the nobbies
shellac - il porno star
the ex - it's a sin
blonde redhead - 10
new wet kojack - stick out your tongue
slint - washer
juneof44 - cut yr face
polvo - tragic carpet ride
rachel's - 3:36

All tracks Touch&Go and Quarterstick records

87mb 63:45min 192kbps Mp3

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kumar said...

Rockin' mix! Great opening track too.

comphusion said...

very ! nice ! indeed !