Majestic Coal Chute No. 3

As a follow-up to parts one and two, here's another collection of scorching 60s garage tunes, mostly from a recent digging excursion down in Austin, Texas. Part four is on the way! Due to the holidays it may or may not arrive in time for the big feast. If not, check back on Black Friday. Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow yankees. Let the giving begin...

Download Majestic Coal Chute No. 3 (zip of mp3s)

1. The "You Know Who" Group -- Playboy
2. The Bonniwell Music Machine -- Bottom of the Soul
3. Al's Untouchables -- Come On Baby
4. Tongue & Groove -- Mailman's Sack
5. The Barons -- Now You're Mine
6. Cirkit -- Yesterday We Laughed
7. The Animals -- Inside-Looking Out
8. The Mustangs -- Baby Let Me Take You Home
9. The Fabulous Royals -- At The Dance
10. Link Wray -- Jack The Ripper
11. The One Way Streets -- Jack The Ripper
12. The One Way Streets -- We All Love Peanut Butter
13. The Rondels -- Back Beat No. 1
14. The Balloon Farm -- A Question of Temperature
15. The Blue Chips -- Where
16. The Ballantraes -- Baby Jane
17. The Equals -- Baby, Come Back
18. The Equals -- Hold Me Closer
19. Cirkit -- I Was Wrong
20. The Zoo -- Where Have All The Good Times Gone?
21. The Zoo -- She Said, She Said Good Day Sunshine

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RocDocMac said...

Where have all the "Majestic Coal Shutes" gone to? Got #4, but this one and the other three have disappeared from the Bylamplight page! Any chance of a re-up? Veru good stuff. Thanks, Chris