Dark Hop (DJ Bylamplight set)

The new Shepherd EP has got me nostalgic of all the great dark breaks that were coming out in the mid 2000s (pre-dubstep) so I pulled out some old records, added a few new ones and put this set together. Let the head nod.

Tracklist below the cloud

Dark Hop (DJ Bylamplight set) by kumar303


Dual Purpose (Gescom) -- runfastmaybefaster
Otto Von Schirach -- Earjuice Synthesis (Urinate on MCs)
Push Button Objects -- Fly
Machine Drum -- Yo What Uh Yeh (Ilkae Tapejam)
Metamatics Remodeled -- 'Solange Jimenez' Kadahvresky
Flying Lotus -- 1983
Constructus -- It Don't Mean A Thing If You Ain't Got That Swing (The Robot Song)
Exile - Your Summer Song
Isotope 217 -- Rest For The Wicked
Innerstance Beatbox - Hi-sci
Supersoul -- Sleepwalker (DJ Vadim mix)
Tipsy -- Space Golf
Aphex Twin -- Marzanvose
Takeshi Muto -- Wattle & Daub
Daddy Kev -- First Things Last (featuring Micah 9)
Wevie Stonder -- The Duel

Yours, DJ Bylamplight

(photo by darkmatter)

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Harry Poppins said...

great mix kumar! love it