Dj SickSickSick

Introducing.. Dj SickSickSick, who made a nice improvisation just using buddha-machines:

and a dreamy drony psych mix:

muslimgauze - azzazzin
bear bones lay low - lochness
les vampyrettes - bio-mutanten
group douheh - tazif kalifa
fennesz - endless summer
pink floyd - interstellar overdrive
excepter - sunrise
gang gang dance - revival of the shittest
entrance - grim reaper blues
animal collective - who could win a rabbit
harmonia - de luxe (immer wieder)
tuxedomoon - annuncialto
carolina - ?
individual - paths of glory
jazkamer the worms will get in
object - symbolic 2
silk saw - no twists no turns
the vanishing voice - nordic visions
foals - oceanus
the velvet underground - venus in furs

Psychin in the land of wonder by Dj SickSickSick


kumar said...

ohhh man, you had to post that pic right before my lunch break :( I think I am no longer hungry. But mix looks cool, downloading!

Liquid Dilemma said...

hahaha, sorry man.. different timezone ;-))