Hot Texas Vol. 1

Ah, yes, summer has come and gone and fall is in effect here in Chicago. I spent a little time in Texas this summer and of course made sure to dig for records while I was there. It's damn hot in Texas. And if you don't know, Texas — because of its proximity to the Gulf states — is one of the prime spots for finding 60s Funk and Soul (Houston for one had a lively Funk scene). Texas also had a few Garage scenes here and there, as did most places in the US during the 60s.

More importantly, Austin TX is home to some serious diggers who travel all over the US in search of records for their shops. Spots like Breakaway Records and Friends of Sound are just a few places I got lost in for hours, barely making a dent in the stacks. I also dug around San Antonio's Alamo Records and found a few bits and pieces. I'll upload some pics later on.

Here is the first compilation of heavy Garage and Rockabilly 45s I mostly found in TX. It's in a theme similar to the Turn On Your Lamplight boxset and even features a few TX locals: Roy Head and The Five Americans (maybe others?).

This is just the first of several Hot Texas compilations. The other ones will get more into the Funk and Soul so stay tuned. Track listing:

Move On Down -- Renaissance
Fortune Teller -- The Del-Rays
Rhythm & Greens -- The Shadows
Jump, Jive and Harmonize -- Thee Midniters (check out more reissues from Norton Records)
Thee Midnite Feeling -- Thee Midniters
Sweet Bacon -- Julian Covey and the Machine
A Little Bit Hurt -- Julian Covey and the Machine
Gonna Have A Good Time -- The Easybeats
Time Won't Let Me -- The Outsiders
Come Fill Your Cup -- Springwell
Like I Do -- The Del-Rays
No Communication -- The Five Americans
Death of an Angel -- The Kingsmen
Baby, Please Don't Go -- Them
Get Back -- Roy Head
Treat Her Right -- Roy Head & The Traits
Ramrod -- Duane Eddy His "Twangy" Guitar and the Rebels
Wing Ding -- Joey Dee & The Starlighters
The Green Mosquito -- The Tune Rockers
Rebel - 'Rouser -- Duane Eddy and His "Twangy" Guitar
Rotation -- Rotation
Amen -- Renaissance
The Walker -- Duane Eddy His "Twangy" Guitar and the Rebels

grab it!

Yours, DJ Bylamplight.


Harry Poppins said...

Nice collection!

Anonymous said...

Excellent! BTW Easybeats are an Aussie band.

kumar said...

Hey, thanks. These are just records I found in Texas. The only bands I know of that were actually *from* Texas are Roy Head and The Five Americans. There is a ton of great TX garage but I didn't find as much as I thought I would while down there. Rare stuff.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed that a band I used to watch in Sydney in the 60's got a record as far away as that.

Thanks fo sharing.

kumar said...

the flipside of that record was their huge hit, Friday On My Mind. Not as good as the B side though. That came out on United Artists, a huge label in Los Angeles, CA, so I'm sure that record made it all over the world back in the 60s. I haven't found anything else by them but would pick it up for sure. Here's the full story: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Easybeats