Harry Poppins..

Hello all,
We've got a new contributor on the blog called Harry Poppins, horray!!!

To celebrate our new member we're posting something old and something new.

The first recording dates back to march 2007 when Lowdjo & Harry Poppins went back2back to close the party at the Planet µ-nite on the Biouel Boat in Brussels where they replaced Luke Vibert, who cancelled.
It's a live-recorded-mix that was streamed in real time on Radio Campus for them couch-potatoes.

The mix features a lot of records that were released on the Planet µ-label during the last couple of years, of course some dubstep since that was the theme of the night, some favela elektro and some crazy scratching... unfortunately there's no recording of the people shouting, every time we dropped a killer. You'll just have to imagine those background-noises while listening...

Other artists performing next to Harry & Low that night, were: Vex'd, Boxcutter, Loefah and Distance...

There were some technical difficulties in the beginning of this set but that won't spoil the fun!

Download Harry Poppins & Lowdjo's set on the Planet µ-nite in Brussels (divshare - 108mb)

The second post dates back to august 2008 when Harry & Low were fooling around with some tracks that will be released in the near future on Harry Poppins' own Umbrelladelika-label, these tracks haven't been mastered in the studio yet so if you would like these in higher quality you'll just have to order this compilation!

Next to Umbrelladelika-tracks, there's some electronix mashed into the mix..

Harry Poppins & Lowdjo's impro-mix - tracklisting:

01. t-tauri -main sequence burning (umbrelladelika rec.)
02. baby kruger - isolation
(umbrelladelika rec.)
03. enoch krapowski - i was born a man (umbrelladelika rec.)
04. filaria - spare parts (umbrelladelika rec.)
05. icteder - acip lellien hungmeister (umbrelladelika rec.)
06. cylobotnia - got my pass
07. ucture - desperate hole life
(umbrelladelika rec.)
08. th'idiot - my new synht (umbrelladelika rec.)
09. hosmoz - karmen (umbrelladelika rec.)
10. chris clark - proper lofi
11. maga bo ft. teba - nqayi
12. ladyscraper - senseless apprentice
13. otto von shirach - nightmare nipple f
14. candiehank - croucho won't die
15. tep - titi
(umbrelladelika rec.)
16. schlammpeitziger - wuup wolgawahn
17. wevie stonder - lady's leg licked
(umbrelladelika rec.)
18. gudrun gut - blätterwald
19. two girls, one cup - ride the red wave
(umbrelladelika rec.)
20. flufftronix - shark attack (ruff cut)
21. patric catani - punk
22. sickboy - swingin' intro (33rpm monstermix)

Download Harry Poppins & Lowdjo's impro-mix (divshare - 81mb)


kumar said...

you two are sick. SICK! please tell me who does this dubstep remix of Cylob's Rewind in the first mix. And ... WH*AT is this Balkan version of Me So Horny?!!! Amazing choonz.

Harry Poppins said...

Hey Kumar!
its a remix by luke vibert ;)
as for the me so horny thing, that's Jo
keep it country!

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