Surfing Lake Michigan

Did you know that people actually surf Lake Michigan? Me neither. Here's a little comp I put together after running into a record dealer from Michigan at the last Chicago record show. I picked up so many rare Michigan 45s off of him that I ran out of money and had to leave early! Here are the 60s Garage / Surf cuts for ya with some non-MI Garage killers mixed in for filler. Half of these tracks have been comped already and a couple even reissued but there are still some surprises in here. Enjoy! -DJ Bylamplight. (Psst, more garage here.)

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track listing:

Dragon Fly -- J.D. & The Dynamics (MI)
Got Love -- Terry Knight And The Pack (MI)
Crawdaddy Simone -- The Syndicats (UK)
Bust Out -- The Busters (MA)
Astronaut's -- The Busters (MA)
Hey Miss Sally -- The One Way Pedestrians (MI)
I'd Like To Say -- The One Way Pedestrians (MI)
Gonna Leave -- Mitch & The Mistys (TX)
Hey! Baby -- Mitch & The Mistys (TX)
Love's Gone Bad -- The Underdogs (MI)
96 Tears -- ? (Question Mark) & The Mysterians (MI)
Midnight Hour -- ? (Question Mark) & The Mysterians (MI)
Touch -- Outsiders (Netherlands)
The Ballad Of John B. -- Outsiders (Netherlands)
I Said Move -- The Aztex (IN)
The Little Streets In This Town -- The Aztex (IN)
You Turn Me On -- Ian Whitcomb (Ireland)
Everything's Alright -- The Archies (NY)
Just Out Of Reach -- The Zombies (UK)
Remember You -- The Zombies (UK)
Better Man Than I -- Terry Knight And The Pack (MI)
On The Horizon -- The Syndicats (UK)
Mozart Mash -- J.D. & The Dynamics (MI)

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