Drum&Bass for Christmas!

That's right! It's Christmas in Poppinsland!! Ho-ho-hoooooow!!

And what would be better than to celebrate this wonderful day with an Oldskool drumandbass mix! A special selection of my old records from the golden years of dNb ('98-'99 to '02)

84mb 59.54min
Harry's dnb Xmas mix!

Facs&Dylan – it is real
Total science – Vendetta
Fallen Angels 21 – brainwash
Dagga – Analogue vision
Dagga – milestone
Sonic + Silver – Rise up
Bug Nyne – Prodigal Son
Dillinja – Warp Drive
Ed Rush & Optical – Compound
Breakage – Here comes the drums (Doc Scott - remix)
Twisted individual – Sick Bag
Dreazz & Falcon – Do drop in!
RymeTyme – T-minus
Ed rush & Optical – Wormhole
Ed Rush & Optical – Bacteria
Dj Krust – Kloaking Device
Digital & Spirit – Three in one
The Tuss – Rushup Bank

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1 comment:

kumar said...

Finally catching up with all the xmas goodies. Excellent mix, Harry. Dark and scary and bass heavy, great selections.