Last step - 1961 (planet-mu)

Planet Mu
Released: Nov 2008
Catalogue Number: ZIQ220
LAST STEP - 1961, Planet Mu

Aaron Funk slips out of his Venetian Snares costume and into his Last Step outfit for an album of fractured acid and reorganised drum machine patterns for Planet Mu with a full length album following from his well recieved 12" debut. With opener 'My Home recordings' Funk strikes a moody chord with odd vocal samples, screwed acid lines and chopped live drums, before lunging into an acid attack sequence on '61 Disco' with an Aphex-in-Analord mode style panache. 'Haha Waffles' programmes a Luke Vibert-ish library records kitsch style with intriguing outcomes, and 'Surf Green' sounds like Squarepusher on a pure prog-melodic trip. The final run of three tracks are unusually produced at a massively reduced tempo (for Snares anyway) and allow the man to explore his complex skills in a different framework with strangely reflective results making for one of the oddest additions to his catalogue to date. The obvious touchpoints for this album would have to be classic Aphex, Vibert or 'Pusher or Paradinas and it ranks fairly highly among the crowd, IDM heads take notice!

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