Harry & Low's Tri0 mix - "the champagne session"

As promised, the third part (2h30m) of the seven-hour-mix-experiment Harry Poppins & Lowdjo recorded a couple of days ago, sipping on champagne.. HaPPy NeW Year!!!!!


Hrvatski - une drôle de journée
Barry lynn - Lattice Shimmer
Exillon - stomper acid
Filaria - accident vinegar
Deework - Message Error
Eight Fr0zen m0dules - Lem0n chiff0n
Xingfox feat. Tame one - Da muzik
Babylon system & noah d - examination time
Starkey - pins (murderbot remix)
Bong-ra - sissy spacek
Ebola - scorponok
icteder - loss
the tuss - Shiz Ko E
tep - Marcosmetics
kania thieffer - get flunky!
Atki2 & renée silver - shock out proud! (sweaty palms mix)
Venetian snares - intense demonic attacks
Xanopticon - lockjaw
Fff - kick a hole in the speaker
Adult - suck the air
Lfo demon - the skinhead broke my telephone
Sickboy - you make me sick
Simon korfunkle - drill my magnum
Ove naxx - no side discharge
Zombie - space sluts on shrooms
Squarepusher - boneville accident
Filastine - crescent occupation
Monkey steak - Gaza stripclub
Aaron spectre - say more fire
Istari lasterfahrer - bombaclat
The bug - killer (soundmurderer & sk-1 'badman rewind rewind' remix)
Venetian Snares - Defluxion
Istari Lasterfahrer - murdera
Bogdan raczynski - I will eat your children too (a1)
Harry poppins - elzeba
Very impossible person - voodoo poo
Knifehandchop - get yourself ready
Dj C - who wah seek yo
Dj scud - are u down with the underground
Droon - I will fuck the underground
Dj Sega - dig
Riz mc - radar
Kovert - hybrid riddim (murderation mx)
Depizgator - unknown (CCTV01 side a)
2 Horns - Reveil trompet
The human resource - dominator (frank de wulf #1 mix)
Villa diamante - coiffeur (diamante edit)

NEW LINK -> Download the champagne session (megaupload)


kumar said...

weird, I can't download from zshare (tried two different browsers, keeps sending me in cricles). Could you post an alternate link on mediafire.com or something?

Lowdjo said...

yes, strange.. try to do it in a couple of hours!