On the Grill! - promomix

After a truely inspiring visit to the United States,
RoachBugincan (known for his legendary Vollezele-tapes) and Harry Poppins decided to team up for an AllStarDiscJockeyDuo!

On the Grill!

"not your regular beats and breaks, we're done with that..
gloomy blues crispy soul psycho funck rockabrilly!!!
Bringing back the cunt in country and the dick in dixie"

This first mix is for promo use only!
29.44min -- 26.59 MB


John lee hooker - boogie chillen'

Ac Reed - Boogalo tramp

Eddy Bo - If it's good to you (it's good for you)

Tony alvon & the belairs - sexy coffee pot

Professor Longhair - Big chief part 2

The vibrettes - Humpty Dump

Act III - today I want to stay inside

Georges Teperino - Cleopatra

Johnny Cash - Folsom prison blues

Dale Watson - Good luck N truckin' tonite

Messer chups - Popcorno

Hackensaw Boys - look out dog

R.L. Burnside - Come on in

+ various fieldrecordings from NYC, Memphis and Nashville

Grab it here!

to be continued...

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