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It's that time again!
To end this year perfectly, we will overspoil you with mixes and compilations. Lowdjo and Harry teamed up to record 7h of extremely good music! Perfect for your cool winternights and your homeparties!

L°W & Harry : M0n0MïX the 4pm mix


Soft Machine – Slightly all the time
Fennesz – Endless Summer
Tarwater – billard
Leafcutter John – Maria in the forest
Porn sword tobacco – eudaimonia
Vincent gallo – her smell theme
Rachel’s – M. Daguerre
Tortoise – ry cooder
Deerhunter – spring hall convert
Karate – The same stars
Holy Fuck – Lovely Allen
Rip, Rig & Panic – storm the reality asylum
Fujiya miyagi – electro karaoke
Slint – Darlene
Unwound - Mkultra
Les savy fav – brace yourself
Fellini – Rock Europeu
The modern lovers – She cracked
The Chinese stars – drugs and sunshine
Lightning bolt – Dracula Mountain
Future of the left – Small bones small bodies
Frustration – blind
Big black – cables
Art brut – bang bang rock ‘n’ roll
Space streakings – Taco beya
U.S. Maple – stuck
Iggy & the stooges – search & destroy
Metal urbain – hystérie connective
Patti smith – my generation
The new york dolls – human being
Blondie – eat to the beat
Squarepusher – Love will tear us apart

110min 100mb

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More good stuff on the way!

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