Mixtape pleasures

The end of the year is coming closer and to continue the tradition on this blog the contributors will be spoiling our public with some amazing mixez especially cooked up for you.. Be on the lookout because we're about to unleash a whole bunch of exciting music in the coming week!!

If you missed out on last year's mixtapes, grab em HERE!

Tomorrow it's christmas eve and i'll kick off with some smooth cocktail soundzzz.. excellent music to play in the background while you're welcoming your guests and poppin' some bubbles...
A live recording of a set i did on the 12th in Club Industria (Antwerp, BE), my first company event!!!

Download Lowdjo live in Club Industria - part one (1h41m)

Download Lowdjo live in Club Industria - part two (1h40m)

Merry Christmas!

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